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Jacob Elordi

  1. culture
    Jacob Elordi’s Eyebrow Piercing Is Saltburn’s Greatest GiftThese two little orbs speak volumes.
  2. hot dog
    Who Is This Gorgeous Gal Kissing Jacob Elordi?She’s a Miranda.
  3. oscars 2022
    No, Jacob Elordi Is Definitely TallHe and his tiny earring are lying to you.
  4. oscars 2022
    Jacob Elordi Wins Best Little EarringCongratulations to all of us.
  5. movies
    Every Thought I Had While Watching Deep WaterBen Affleck, Ana de Armas, sexy murder, and … snails?
  6. euphoria
    Even Nate’s Daddy Doesn’t Like HimCal Jacobs hit peak chaos on last night’s episode of Euphoria.
  7. k-i-s-s-i-n-g
    Lexi and Fez, Sitting in a TreeCould this be Euphoria’s most unexpected romance?
  8. euphoria
    Jacob Elordi Agrees, Nate Deserved It“I would love to beat him up.”
  9. euphoria
    Can You Imagine Hiding in a Bathtub for That Long?The most anxiety-inducing scene of Euphoria’s season-two premiere isn’t even the drug deal.
  10. sure why not
    Jacob Elordi Is Not That Tall, Says Jacob ElordiHis Euphoria co-stars are just short.
  11. is this flirting?
    And Now Kaia Gerber Is Doing Yoga With a Disney StarShe and Austin Butler went to a workout class, ooh la la?
  12. coffee date?
    Olivia Jade and Jacob Elordi Got Coffee?Huh.
  13. :(
    Jacob Elordi and Kaia Gerber Are Reportedly OverRIP to this tragically hot couple.
  14. burning questions
    How Tall Is This Man, Really?A Euphoric investigation into Jacob Elordi’s Height.