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James Bond

  1. friendship
    Javier Bardem, Please Plan My Birthday PartyCommitment is jumping out of a cake dressed as a Bond girl for Daniel Craig.
  2. movies
    The New James Bond Movie Is Definitely CursedIt’s been plagued by rewrites, injuries, literal fireballs, and now, video games.
  3. 007 baby
    Rachel Weisz and James Bond Are Expecting a Baby“We’re going to have a little human.”
  4. jane bond
    Rachel Weisz Doesn’t Think There Should Be a Lady Bond“Women are really fascinating and interesting and should get their own stories.”
  5. evil villains
    Steve Mnuchin Is Flattered People Think He Looks Like a Bond Villain“I guess I should take that as a compliment that I look like a villain in a great, successful James Bond movie.”
  6. Is James Bond’s Wife Trying to Send a Secret Message? Scary. Very scary.
  7. film school
    What to Watch: Fashion Influencers Share Their Favorite MoviesFrom Cassavetes to Clueless, add these to your long-weekend queue for an instant fashion-film education.
  8. daily male
    James Bond’s New Suits Show ‘Leg Muscle’Thank you, Tom Ford.
  9. secret agent man
    Bond Girls Are Now Women, and 007 a Real Man“Bond’s transformation from rape-ready rogue to wounded and woman-weary tough guy is complete.”
  10. loose threads
    Emma Roberts Named Face of Shopping App; Buy Your Own Fashion InternshipPlus, Halle Berry covers Interview Russia.
  11. loose threads
    Naming of Schiaparelli Designer ImminentPlus, Drew Barrymore photographs Charlotte Gainsbourg for Tommy Hilfiger.
  12. his forbulessness
    Tom Ford Is Dressing Daniel Craig in the New James Bond MovieIt’ll be a “slick wardrobe.”
  13. hot men
    Tom Ford’s Suit Skirts for Daniel Craig Are Very SwishyTherefore enabling him to run, jump, and blow things up while still looking sexy.