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James Comey

  1. politics
    Oh Brother, James Comey Is Outside AgainFollowing the release of the Mueller report, the former FBI director took to the forest.
  2. the pee tape
    Absolutely Every Single Thing We Know About the Pee TapeUpdated with new information from the Mueller report.
  3. attention seeking
    Wow, James Comey Is Really Going Through ItThe former FBI director posted some very moody tweets this weekend.
  4. fandom
    Is James Comey a Secret Beyoncé Fan?The former FBI director once sung one of her songs during an FBI briefing.
  5. [redacted]
    James Comey Is Serving Up Cheeky Cocktails at His Book Party[REDACTED].
  6. political burns
    The Best Trump Burns From James Comey’s ABC Interview“He looked slightly orange up close.”
  7. the pee tape
    James Comey Says It’s ‘Possible’ Trump’s Alleged Pee Tape Is RealOh, my God.
  8. power
    The Best Trump-Related Revelations from James Comey’s Forthcoming BookIncluding details about the infamous “pee tape” and the size of Donald Trump’s hands.
  9. niche drama
    This Week in Drama: An Indecent Proposal, Hentaigate, & an Ongoing Pop-Star FeudWe recap the pettiest squabbles, juiciest feuds, and other niche drama you didn’t know you were living for every week.
  10. politics
    The Comey Hearing Didn’t Stop Senator Dianne Feinstein From Wearing SeersuckerShe’s not one to balk at tradition.
  11. politics
    Everyone Is Suddenly Thirsty for James ComeyI mean … he is six-eight.
  12. politics
    The 5 Most Awkward Moments From James Comey’s Testimony About Trump“We simply looked at each other in silence.”
  13. disguises
    James Comey Reportedly Once Hid in the Curtains to Avoid Interacting With TrumpSpoiler: It didn’t work.
  14. musical expression
    Listen to Father John Misty Sing About James Comey’s Firing“Well he had Hillary’s emails / And there was a recipe, recipe for risotto.”
  15. This GIF of Anderson Cooper Reacting to Kellyanne Conway Says It AllAn eye roll for the ages.
  16. election 2016
    Teen Whom Weiner Allegedly Sexted Writes Scathing Open Letter to FBI Director“Anthony Weiner is the abuser. Your letter helped that abuse to continue.”
  17. election 2016
    Teen Whom Anthony Weiner Allegedly Sexted Blasts FBI Director for Using Her“The last thing that I wanted was to have this become political propaganda.”