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Jamie Bochert

  1. just browsing
    Chloe Gosselin’s New Shoes Are a Dream for FallYou won’t want to look away. 
  2. party pics
    Dakota Johnson and Liv Tyler Partied TogetherPlus: Kendall Jenner, Jenna Lyons, Owen Wilson, and more in this week’s roundup.
  3. party pics
    Marion Cotillard, Raf Simons, and More Partied at the GuggenheimInside last night’s big Dior bash. 
  4. cliques
    A Who’s Who of Karl Lagerfeld’s EntourageCats, male models, and Diet Pepsi butlers.
  5. firsts
    Kendall Jenner Landed a Givenchy CampaignRiccardo Tisci’s new muse.
  6. the karl of it all
    See Lindsey Wixson Act in Lagerfeld’s Latest Chanel VideoAwkward and gorgeous at the same time.
  7. The Marc Jacobs After-Party With Kristen Wiig, Karen Elson, and Michael Pitt.
  8. cover girls (and cats)
    Apparently Vogue Italia Couldn’t Book ChoupetteThere’s a different cat on the magazine’s August cover.
  9. the new silent film
    March’s Best Fashion VideosAlso, catch Belgian model Delfine Bafort mimicking a horse.
  10. model tracker
    Top Model Agent Louie Chaban Reinvents Elite New YorkHe brings Karen Elson, Agyness Deyn, and Jamie Bochert along for the ride.
  11. talent scout
    Mandy Coon Channels Organic Sculpture and the Human SkeletonCheck out Jamie Bochert posing in Coon’s dark designs in this week’s Talent Scout.
  12. the ball
    Gap Is Dressing Met Gala Guests After AllWith some help from some high-fashion designers, that is.
  13. model tracker
    Tati Cotliar Is Monday’s Top ModelMonday’s runways were filled with some unexpected surprises.
  14. loose threads
    Calvin Klein to Live-Stream; Adidas the Most Followed Label on FacebookAlso, Mary J. Blige and Catherine Malandrino are making T-shirts together.
  15. loose threads
    Isabel Marant’s Shoes Cause Frenzy, Knockoffs; Cambodia Apparel Industry SufferingAnd surprise! The most successful models in China are not Chinese.
  16. loose threads
    Chanel Employees Stage Protest; Charlize Theron Designs ShoesAnd Lanvin’s spring campaign starring Jamie Bochert debuts.
  17. loose threads
    Yves Saint Laurent’s Duplex Expected to Sell for $30 Million; Vogue Embraces BloggersAlso, Jamie Bochert landed the spring Marc Jacobs campaign.
  18. loose threads
    Kate Moss Gets Retrospective; Katy Perry Hits MilanAlso, Marc Jacobs’s spring 2009 opener signs with Women, and buyers skip Madrid Fashion Week.
  19. model tracker
    Lead Marc Jacobs Model Jamie Bochert on Her Buzz-Making ComebackWe caught up Jamie Bochert, who scored the coveted slot by working with Jacobs as a fit model, and asked her all sorts of personal questions.