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Jane Aldridge

  1. Some of Fashion Blogging’s Biggest Names Have Lost Their PlatformIncluding Anna Dello Russo, Derek Blasberg, and Bryanboy.
  2. backlashes
    Texas Monthly’s Jason Sheeler: ‘I Really Do Like Jane Aldridge’And he certainly didn’t make up any of her quotes.
  3. backlashes
    Jane Aldridge Refutes ‘Blatantly Made Up’ QuotesMeanwhile, Texas Monthly stands by the story.
  4. $ea of $hoe$
    Why Sea of Shoes’ Jane Aldridge Won’t Go to Fashion Shows, CollegeShe can command as much as $20,000 for appearances.
  5. Sea of Shoes Is Selling Her Clothes at What Goes Around Comes Around TonightWe tagged along while Jane Aldridge and mom Judy pulled pieces from the What Goes Around Comes Around warehouse.
  6. $ea of $hoe$
    Sea of Shoes and Her Mom Are ‘Sick of Buying’Not like they need a lot of clothes anyway!
  7. beauty marks
    Betsey Johnson Partners With Tweezerman; Chanel Unveils New Nail PolishesAlso, Jane “Sea of Shoes” Aldridge test-drives the black-lipstick trend.
  8. Sea of Shoes Is Making Very Literal and Scary Bug JewelryFor everyone who has ever wondered about what exactly beetles have on their undersides.
  9. loose threads
    Bidding on Versace Internship Reaches $3,250; Karlie Kloss Does Hermès CampaignAlso, Giorgio Armani was aghast at the long line outside the Abercrombie flagship.
  10. $ea of $hoe$
    The Crillon Ball Welcomes a Personal-Style Blogger This YearSeventeen-year-old Sea of Shoes debuted in Chanel Haute Couture.
  11. lover boys
    Aren’t Sea of Shoes and Her Fashion-Blogging Boyfriend Adorable?His and hers fashion blogs! Couldn’t you just die?
  12. style bloggers
    Your Favorite Style Bloggers to Become Canadian MannequinsHolt Renfrew puts Bryanboy, the Sartorialist, and others on display.