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Jane The Virgin

  1. What TV Is Getting Wrong (and Right) About Abortion▶️ Across all cable-news programs, 64 percent of segments on abortion contained inaccurate information.
  2. shmashmortion
    In Praise of How Jane the Virgin Discussed Abortion Last NightThe show’s depiction was realistic without being sensational.
  3. silver foxes
    Forget HamiltonJane the Virgin’s Hot Dad Hits BroadwayWatch #RogelioMyBrogelio sing in Chicago.
  4. life stories
    Diane Guerrero Shares Her Deportation NightmareThe actress wrote a book about her family’s immigration saga.
  5. blessings
    Gina Rodriguez Gave Her Old Golden Globes Dress to a Fan to Wear to PromAnd all the fan had to do was ask nicely.