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  1. Mad Men Costume Designer Janie Bryant Breaks Down Megan’s Yé-Yé Girl LookThe scene marked the first time a minidress was glimpsed on the show.
  2. 10 Fashion People Weigh In on the Power SuitMartha Stewart kept all of hers from back in the day.
  3. Get to Know the ‘It’s Vintage’ Advisory PanelThey will be lending us their expertise throughout the month.
  4. quotables
    Mad Men’s Janie Bryant Wants to ‘Update’ Hillary Clinton“Women in politics play it very safe.”
  5. party chat
    Will Christina Hendricks Get to Keep Joan’s Wardrobe?“I’ll probably sneak something.”
  6. mad people
    The Symbolism of Sylvia’s Sexy Red Dress on Mad MenMad Men pulls a move from Girls’ playbook.
  7. mad people
    Mad Men Will Air ‘Shants’ This Season!Shoes + pants. Our bet’s on Megan, obviously.
  8. mad people
    The Meaning of Megan’s Sex Bomb Dress on Last Night’s Mad MenWhy is she taking marital advice from her mom?
  9. mad people
    To Discuss: Betty’s ‘Skinny’ Dress on Mad MenThe most symbolic outfit of the episode. 
  10. mad people
    Mad Men Fashion Recap: Stan’s Fabulous Fringed SuedePlus, Scarlett’s white go-go boots and Joan’s morning-after outfit.
  11. mad people
    Mad Men Fashion Recap: Peggy’s Pussy Bow ReturnsSo much symbolism in this week’s costumes.
  12. mad people
    Mad Men Fashion: Janie Bryant on Brunette BettyPlus, all the best fashion moments from the season-six premiere.
  13. mad people
    Coco Rocha Defends Those Banana Republic Mad Men Ads“It’s a Twiggy sort of style.”
  14. don’t weight up
    Backlash Mounts Against Banana Republic’s Latest Mad Men CollectionSome customers feel Coco Rocha doesn’t adequately reflect the show’s curvier silhouettes.
  15. mad people
    Mad Men’s Janie Bryant Talks Season Five’s CostumesDecoding Megan’s bell-bottoms, Joan’s floral prints, and Don’s plaid sports coat.
  16. mad people
    Mad Men Fashion Recap: Peggy’s Power SuitsPlus: Roger’s bare butt, Megan’s pajamas, and more from last night’s finale.
  17. mad people
    Mad Men Fashion Recap: Joan Takes the PlungeAnd while Peggy’s ambitions reach new levels, her neckwear takes a turn.
  18. mad people
    Mad Men Fashion Recap: Farewell to Megan’s Office AttireAnd hello to her actress outfits!
  19. mad people
    Mad Men Fashion Recap: Meet Jane’s MidriffWhat’s better than a genie outfit? A genie outfit on LSD.
  20. mad people
    Mad Men Fashion Recap: Peggy Ties One OnAlso, Betty makes up for her devastatingly brief appearance with a stellar grandma outfit.
  21. mad people
    Mad Men Fashion Recap: Betty’s Fat DaysMeanwhile, the ad men continue their brazen experiments with plaid blazers.
  22. mad people
    Mad Men Fashion Recap: The Swinging Sixties Have ArrivedAlso, Megan wears lacy black lingerie while doing “housework.”
  23. quotables
    Costume Designing for Mad Men Sounds Like a Real BreezeWe kid.
  24. collaboration station
    Banana Republic’s Mad Men Collection Is BackOn March 1. 
  25. loose threads
    Marc by Marc Jacobs Is Reissuing the Label’s Greatest Hits; Here Is a Photo of Doutzen Kroes in Her Wedding DressAlso, Burberry is launching an online customization service for trench coats so that you can basically design your own.
  26. beauty marks
    Hilary Swank Supposedly Had Hairy Armpits; Freida Pinto Wore a Faux BobAlso, how to avoid face-powder mishaps.
  27. fashion’s night out
    Slideshow: K-Dash by Kardashian, Rachel Zoe, and Janie Bryant for QVCThe home-shopping staple is coming to Fashion’s Night Out!
  28. collaboration station
    The Kardashians Collaborated With Janie Bryant on a Clothing Line [Updated]Oh, Janie.
  29. mad mad world
    Janie Bryant Goes Viral for MaidenformThe ‘Mad Men’ designer is cementing her rep as TV’s busiest stylist.
  30. mad mad world
    Janie Bryant Is Vlogging for Banana RepublicThe ‘Mad Men’ costume designer has teamed up with Banana’s creative director on a series of web videos.
  31. beauty marks
    Beyoncé Announces New Fragrance; Janie Bryant Launches Nail-Polish LineAlso, Butter London releases two nail polishes inspired by Alexander McQueen.
  32. look of the day
    Mad Men’s Stars Broke Out the Party Dresses for the Big PremiereJanie Bryant, Christina Hendricks, and Elisabeth Moss chose three very different looks for the show’s season-four premiere.
  33. collaboration station
    Five Looks From the Mad Men Costume Designer’s New QVC CollectionIt’s heavy on the faux fur.
  34. television shopping
    Mad Men’s Janie Bryant to Make Fake-Fur Capelets for QVCJust like Rachel Zoe.
  35. loose threads
    Matthew Williamson Readies Menswear; Rachel Zoe Photographed in a BikiniAlso, Anja Rubik co-edited a magazine with her boyfriend.
  36. booze
    Mad Men Costume Designer Suggests Spraying Vintage Clothes With VodkaIt gets the smell out.
  37. the new sex and the city
    Mad Men Rolls Out Clothes, But Will They Sell?Probably, but it’s still kind of cheesy.
  38. tastemakers
    Mad Men Costume Designer Janie Bryant Can’t Live Without Her Skinny JeansWe caught up with the designer to talk all things ‘Mad Men,’ why she can’t let go of her skinny jeans, and that pesky rumor about starting her own line.
  39. things we hope are true
    Mad Men Costume Designer Might Launch Her Own Clothing LineShe’s being very vague about it.