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  1. no thank you
    Why Go On A Roller Coaster If You Can’t Scream?Theme parks in Japan are considering a ban on screaming to mitigate the spread of coronavirus.
  2. animals
    Lonely Japanese Eels Want You to Video-Call ThemAn aquarium in Tokyo is hosting a virtual face-showing festival to help their eels “not forget the existence of humans.”
  3. cut covers
    Make Some Room for Naomi WatanabeThe unstoppable Japanese comedian is coming for America and the world.
  4. workplace discrimination
    Japanese Women Just Want to Be Able to Wear Comfortable Shoes to WorkWomen say they’re discriminated against for not wearing high heels to work — and they’re petitioning the government to do something.
  5. kawasaki knife attack
    What We Know About the Knife Attack in Kawasaki, JapanOne elementary school age girl and an adult man have been killed in the attack, which occurred on Tuesday morning in Kawasaki, Japan.
  6. crime
    Heartbroken Couple Begs for the Return of Their ‘Children,’ Who Are Bonsai TreesAn unimaginably nefarious individual stole seven precious trees from two bonsai cultivators.
  7. weekend with
    An Expat’s Life in Tokyo, Captured on FilmPhotos by a New Yorker who recently moved to Japan.
  8. animals
    I Wish I Were As Chill As These CapybarasThey love hot springs.
  9. royal weddings
    Japan’s Princess Ayako Gives Up Her Royal Status and Marries for LoveShe married a commoner on Monday, in a small ceremony at the Meiji Shrine.
  10. look book
    The Model Who Started Her Career in Japan“A couple years ago, I got a DM asking if I wanted to sign with this agency in Japan. I was pretty sure it was a real agency — but not really.”
  11. cool
    Tokyo Medical School Admits to Tampering With Test Scores to Keep Women OutOfficials were apparently worried women would get pregnant, and thus wouldn’t be able to work long hours in the hospital.
  12. now smell this
    This Perfume Is Impossible to Find, and I Love ItThis is all your fault, Le Labo.
  13. nothing can terrace apart
    The Final Scene of This Episode of Terrace House Is a Great Piece of TelevisionA recap of your favorite Japanese reality show.
  14. nothing can terrace apart
    This Episode of Terrace House Ends on a Cliff-hangerWe finish on an apparently fraught trip to the grocery store.
  15. infrastructure
    Unacceptable: Japanese Train Leaves Station 25 Seconds EarlyA travesty.
  16. u good?
    Is Katy Perry Okay?She had an interesting appearance on the Japanese morning show Sukkiri.
  17. too real tv
    Nothing Can Terrace Apart: A Terrace House RecapLet’s discuss your favorite Japanese reality show.
  18. let's makeup
    11 Japanese Drugstore Products Loved by a Makeup ArtistWhat Fiona Stiles had to buy on her last trip to Tokyo.
  19. who among us?
    Japan’s Princess Postpones Wedding Because of ‘Immaturity’She’s giving up her royal title to marry a commoner but now says the couple “rushed various things.”
  20. shaken not stirred
    Why Hope Hicks Wore a Tuxedo in JapanHow the Trump women used their bodies as decoys in Japan.
  21. politics
    Looks Like No One Wanted to Hear Ivanka Trump Talk About Women’s EmpowermentVery few people showed up to her Friday speech in Tokyo.
  22. keeping up with the royals
    Japan’s Princess Mako Will Officially Give Up Royal Title for LoveJapanese Imperial law requires women to leave the royal family if, like Princess Mako, they want to marry a commoner.
  23. Japan’s ‘Black Widow’ Admits to Killing Her Fourth Husband in Court“I will laugh it off and die if I am sentenced to death tomorrow.”
  24. space of the week
    10 Days of Design Hunting in JapanWhat Wendy Goodman loved in Tokyo, Kyoto, and the Benesse Art Site Naoshima.
  25. loneliness
    The Strange Psychology of Why Half a Million Japanese Never Leave Their HomesHikikomori: avoidance of all social contact.
  26. Teen Suicide in Japan Rises at School-Year StartThe saddest day of the year.
  27. companions
    The World’s First Robot With Feelings Is a Big Hit“Pepper” sold out in under a minute.
  28. expenses
    Renting a Boyfriend Is Cheaper Than Renting a Car A detailed cost analysis.
  29. video
    Watch Tokyo’s Decora Girls Explain Their StyleSo many Hello Kitty Band-Aids and rainbow hair clips.
  30. look of the day
    Lady Gaga Wore a Nude Bodysuit on an AirplaneIdeal for napping.
  31. style tribes
    The Japanese ‘Lolita’ Subculture Takes New YorkThe reopening of cult store Tokyo Rebel attracted a well-accessorized crowd.
  32. kawaii style
    Japanese Teens Still Spend Hours Dressing Up in Purikura Photo BoothsPhotographer Amy Lombard explores the selfie-altering world of Tokyo’s purikura.
  33. What Emoticons Reveal About How We See EmotionDo you look for happiness in the eyes or smile?
  34. out of the box
    Found in Translation: Shooting Streetwear in TokyoOur experimental fashion shoot goes on the road.
  35. food issues
    Nifty Wrappers Hide Your Shameful Burger-Eating FaceNo unseemly chewing to see here!
  36. socks socks socks
    Huge, Baggy Socks on Schoolgirls: A TrendProof that even the worst fashion ideas are cyclical.
  37. A Parasite Museum: Japan’s Version of a Hot DateMaybe Japanese youths are celibate because their date spots are huge turnoffs. 
  38. novelties
    Middle-Aged Men Available for Rental in JapanA former pro baseball player is priced at $10/hour.
  39. look of the day
    Kate Moss Thought She Was at a MasqueradeBut everyone else got a mask, too!
  40. lawsuits
    U.N. Pressures Prada to Stop Sexual Discrimination in JapanThe brand mistreated employees who were deemed “old, fat, ugly, disgusting, or did not have the Prada look.” 
  41. human billboards
    Girls in Japan Paid to Stick Ads on Their ThighsBy a creepy-sounding PR agency.
  42. wintour wonderland
    Anna Wintour Pounded a Rice Cake at Japan’s FNOWith a giant wooden mallet at the Theory store.
  43. japan
    Here’s Blake Lively’s Charity T-shirtShe designed it herself.
  44. tokyo fashion week
    Japanese Fashion Designers Have Posted Their Collections OnlineFashion prevails!
  45. shameless love for female pop stars
    Britney Spears Is Auctioning Off an Outfit She Wore in 1999Bids are approaching $5K.
  46. nice things
    Crocs Is Donating 100,000 Pairs of Shoes to JapanEvery little anti-bacterial shoe helps!
  47. loose threads
    More Fashion Fund-raisers for Japan; Kate Moss Wants Kanye West and the Rolling Stones to Play Her WeddingAlso, see Giovanna Battaglia’s latest ‘W’ editorial.
  48. loose threads
    See Catherine Malandrino’s Lacoste Collection; Jason Wu Sells Lots of Clothes in D.C.Also, Hedi Slimane is mad at the ‘Guardian’ for making him sound like he didn’t want to work at Dior.
  49. japan
    Forever 21 to Donate All Online Sales Made Today to Disaster Relief in JapanNow who’s not going to want to buy something from there today?
  50. good causes
    Every Sale on Alexis Bittar’s Website Next Week Will Benefit Relief Efforts in JapanOne hundred percent of proceeds from all online sales will be donated to a relief fund.
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