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  1. power
    Ivanka and Jared Don’t Let Just Anyone Use Their ToiletsThey apparently forced their Secret Service detail to go to extraordinary lengths to heed nature’s call.
  2. capitol riot
    Karlie’s Doing Her Best, Okay?The model says she “tried” to talk to in-laws Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner about accepting the election results.
  3. power
    Ivanka Probably Isn’t Welcome Back in New York City“Everyone with self-respect, a career, morals, respect for democracy … will steer clear.”
  4. coronavirus
    Karlie Kloss’s Dad Probably Won’t Save UsJared Kushner reportedly asked Mr. Kloss for advice on how to fight coronavirus.
  5. reading the signs
    Ivanka’s Wall of SilenceWhere is the pastel-clad cipher of the Trump administration right now?
  6. power
    The Five Millennials (Actually) Changing the WorldAn honest list.
  7. in-laws
    Karlie Kloss Says Being Related to Jared and Ivanka Is ‘Hard’“It’s been hard.”
  8. weddings
    Getting Married Two Times Is the New Getting Married OnceKarlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner became the latest celebrity couple to have two weddings.
  9. hot shot
    Haunted Dolls Gaze out of Buckingham PalaceSeems like the president’s visit is going well.
  10. how does he do it?
    Jared Kushner’s Skin Suit Is Looking Incredibly DewyWhat’s his secret?
  11. politics
    Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Walked Out of ViceNice of them to make time to see a movie.
  12. hot shot
    A Haunted Doll Turns 38 TodayIt’s Jared Kushner’s birthday.
  13. peekaboo
    Where Is Jared Kushner Hiding?Nikki Haley described him as “a hidden genius.” But where is he?
  14. fitness
    Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Do Spin Class in the DarkFinally … an answer to what they do all day.
  15. kim kardashian goes to washington
    Kim Kardashian West Stopped by Jared and Ivanka’s HouseA quick visit with old pals.
  16. foodies
    Jared Kushner Was the ‘Cooking Editor’ of His College MagazineMajor foodie news.
  17. good point!
    Rudy Giuliani Says Jared Kushner, a Man, Is ‘Disposable’And that Ivanka Trump is a “fine woman.”
  18. the kush
    Trump Reportedly Called Jared Kushner a ‘Little Boy’“Look at Jared, he looks like a little boy, like a child.”
  19. young love
    Karlie Kloss Is Not Trying to Hide Josh KushnerShe has nothing to hide, okay?
  20. family dynamics
    Jared Kushner’s Brother Protested Gun Violence at March for Our LivesHe was spotted with longtime girlfriend Karlie Kloss.
  21. family politics
    Ivanka Trump Is Mad at Her Dad for Being Mean to Jared Kushner“You don’t give Jared the support he needs,” she reportedly told the president.
  22. families
    Jared Kushner’s Brother Reportedly Donated $50,000 to Gun-Violence ProtestJoshua Kushner has apparently thrown his support behind March for Our Lives.
  23. white house drama
    What Do Jared and Ivanka Do All Day?Chief of Staff John Kelly would reportedly like to know.
  24. white house drama
    Jared and Ivanka Absolutely ‘Love It’ in Washington, Okay?A close reading of the “Page Six” story.
  25. nightmares
    Ivanka Trump Reportedly Planned to Become the First Female PresidentThe pair had an “earnest deal.”
  26. paper trail
    Jared and Ivanka Fined Over Late Financial-Disclosure FormsFilling out forms is a continuous struggle.
  27. politics
    Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Are Trying to ‘Stay in Their Lane’ NowIn an attempt to keep their positions in the West Wing.
  28. the kush
    Turns Out Jared Kushner Is Registered to Vote As a ManDespite what the records said.
  29. 19th amendment
    Jared Kushner Reportedly Registered to Vote As a WomanIt’s not the first time he’s struggled with forms.
  30. first family
    Ivanka Trump Says Her Opinion Doesn’t Actually Count for Much“Some people have created unrealistic expectations of what they expect from me.”
  31. first family
    ‘Dreamers’ Held a Candlelight Vigil Outside Ivanka and Jared’s HomeIn hopes the couple would convince the president to extend DACA protections.
  32. palace intrigue
    Washington Veteran Says Ivanka and Jared ‘Do Not Understand Their Irrelevance’Despite the number of issues they’ve taken on, Javanka are relatively powerless.
  33. politics
    Ivanka Trump Would Like People to Expect Less of HerAs she struggles to make a dent in her father’s agenda, Ivanka wants people to lower their expectations of her.
  34. emotions
    Donald Trump’s Oldest Sons Are Reportedly Jealous of Jared Kushner“They miss being at the center of attention.”
  35. politics
    Here’s Why Lawmakers Want the FBI to Review Ivanka Trump’s Security ClearanceThey want to know whether she disclosed her husband’s and brother’s meetings with foreign agents.
  36. freudian typo
    Fox & Friends Found a New Way to Remind Everyone That Jared Kushner Is JewishThe ticker mistakenly referred to him as ”Jared Kosher.”
  37. hot shot
    Something Seems Different About Jared Kushner’s HairWe can’t quite put our finger on it.
  38. alt-right
    Cuckolding’s Wild Journey From Porn to the West WingHow “cuck” explains the neurotically masculinist world of the alt-right.
  39. hot shot
    Jared Kushner Spotted Wearing Incredibly Chill Name Tag During Iraq VisitNice.
  40. The Media Executive Who Once Partnered With Jared Kushner on a Luxury Magazine“At the time, Jared was very reluctant to ask his father-in-law to do anything.”
  41. politics
    Jared Kushner Is ‘Exfoliating’ His FriendsLike Kondo-ing, but better.
  42. neighbors
    Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s New Neighbors Are Justifiably AnnoyedThey have some things to say about the Secret Service presence, garbage, and parking problems.
  43. the trump administration
    Ivanka Trump Is Getting Her Own Office in the West WingShe will also gain clearance to classified information, though she will not officially be a government employee.
  44. no new messages
    Nighttime Voice-mails From the White HouseHi Kellyanne. I can’t sleep.
  45. women’s march 2017
    Ivanka Trump’s Brother-in-Law Josh Kushner Was Spotted at the Women’s MarchKarlie Kloss’s boyfriend protests in D.C. 
  46. political fashion
    Ivanka Trump Is Stepping Down From Her Fashion LabelShe and Jared Kushner are separating themselves from their respective businesses.
  47. Guess Who Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s New D.C. Neighbors AreImagine the block parties.
  48. protests
    Inside the Art-World Protest Against Ivanka TrumpMany showed up to air their grievances outside Ivanka’s apartment building, where a “Tell Daddy No” chant rung through the night.
  49. Ivanka Trump Is Great for Women, Says Man Married to Ivanka TrumpIvanka Trump is the perfect person to handle “women’s issues,” according to her husband.
  50. the donald
    Ivanka Trump Reportedly PregnantGrandpa Don!
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