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Jared Leto’s Hair

  1. new faces of things
    Soon You’ll Be Able to Smell Like Jared LetoHis face has a new job. 
  2. hot shot
    Jared Leto’s Green Hair Tests the Limits of Our LoveWhy, Jared?
  3. Jared Leto’s Hair: Now the Color of GuacamoleYum!
  4. the blonderdome
    Newly Blond Jared Leto Totally Upstaged Newly Blonde Kim Kardashian TodayThe only thing more newsworthy than Kardashi-hair is Leto-hair.
  5. jared leto’s hair
    Jared Leto Had a Glorious Man-Bun Last NightA little lump of gold. 
  6. jared leto’s hair
    Jared Leto Probably Watched Some YouTube Braid TutorialsHe maybe even has a secret Pinterest board, too. 
  7. sad day
    Jared Leto Tests the Limits of Our LoveUnfortunately, he located them. 
  8. beard news
    Jared Leto Looks a Little Bit Less Like Jesus Today“You trimmed my bush really good.”
  9. people that look like people
    Jared Leto Looks Like Your Average Bushwick Bartender That beard, that hair, that tank-top combo.
  10. man manes
    Kit Harington Seems Kind of Bitter About HairThe Game of Thrones star is contractually hairy.
  11. hairy situations
    North Korea Mandates Kim Jong-un Haircuts for Men?“Our leader’s haircut is very particular.”
  12. brunch in a man bun
    My Week With Jared Leto HairA regular guy tries hommebré.
  13. jared leto’s hair
    Instagram Theory: Will Jared Leto Cut Off His Hair?He posted an old picture of himself with shorter hair.
  14. the year of living lupita
    Lupita Nyong’o Sat Next to Rihanna at Miu MiuBest seating arrangement ever. 
  15. hookups
    Miley Cyrus and Jared Leto Are Making OutA source confirms they both love art, conversations, and nudity. 
  16. gif bag
    GIF Bag: Jared Leto Leans Into Jeremy Scott’s RunwayHis ombre tresses shine bright. 
  17. hommebré
    Q&A: Jared Leto’s Hairstylists on His Mystical Ombré Hair“Maybe we call it Hommebré.”