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  1. rumor mill
    Rumor Alert: Marc Jacobs’s Ex Is Writing a Tell-AllBut it’s probably all a lie.
  2. loose threads
    Recession Might Claim 12 Percent of Vendors; Milla Jovovich WedsAlso, Marc Jacobs’s ex takes to Twitter.
  3. marcfiles
    Marc Jacobs on Those Marriage Rumors, MySpace, and Naomi Campbell“MySpace makes people happy, which is cool. Also I get very lonely, and MySpace makes me feel better.”
  4. run through
    Are Marc Jacobs and Jason Preston Back Together?Just when we thought Marc Jacobs had ended the Jason Preston chapter, he’s back in his arms! And Preston’s new Facebook status message might indicate they’re really back together!
  5. cult of personality
    Jason Preston Spends All Day Googling HimselfYesterday a spy sent in a Jason Preston sighting to Gawker. Later Preston actually called the Gawker writer on his cell phone and invoked Lil’ Kim.
  6. run through
    An Open Letter to Marc Jacobs on the Matter of His New BeauDearest Marc: We know it’s hard to find a good man, but the latest word about your new “friend” Austin A has us a bit concerned. The threesome makeout sessions? The screaming matches?
  7. run through
    Trouble in Paradise for Marc Jacobs and Jason PrestonWe’ve never seen Marc Jacobs and boyfriend Jason Preston act very lovey-dovey, so we’re not surprised they experienced turbulence in paradise last week. Today the Post reports they fought so badly on a recent trip to Turks and Caicos that they had to cut their vacation short:
  8. run through
    Marc Jacobs’s Boyfriend, Jason Preston: Bar-Fight HeroMarc Jacobs’s boyfriend, Jason Preston, seems to have a seedling of good in him after all. He boldly sacrificed himself outside of Hiro on Sunday to defend a girl who was disrespected at the bar.
  9. run through
    Is Marc Jacobs Engaged?!Marc Jacobs’s on-off boyfriend, Jason Preston, is engaged (or at least according to his Facebook profile), and Gawker assumes, as one naturally would, that the lucky fella is Marc Jacobs. If this is true, it would make us rather sad since we’ve interviewed Marc Jacobs several times and have found him a really sweet person, while on more than one occasion Preston was standing at Jacobs’s side tugging on his sleeve and pouting and trying to prevent his lover from doing his job.
  10. loose threads
    Fashion Week Starts in London; Marc Jacobs Dances Dirty With Two People at His After-Party• New York said farewell to Fashion Week, but don’t be sad! It’s not really over — it just moved to London, where shows began yesterday on a sober note, signified by the appointment of the prime minister’s wife as spokesperson. Look for slideshows on nymag.com soon. [Guardian]