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  1. quotables
    Jay McCarroll Doesn’t Want to Talk to Vapid Girls to Be in the Fashion Industry“How are you going to survive unless your father’s rich? Look at Stella McCartney, her father’s a Beatle.”
  2. make it work
    Tina Brown Punked by Jay McCarrol (With One L)Jay McCarroll’s design for the Daily Beast was actually by musician Jay McCarrol whom the Daily Beast contacted by mistake.
  3. fashion yearbook
    Most Fabulous and Hideous ‘Project Runway’ LooksGear up for the season-five premiere with a look back at the show’s best and worst runway looks by Christian, Jay, Chloe, Uli (remember her?), and more!
  4. show & tell
    Jeffrey Sebelia: Tim, Stop Wearing Banana Republic! As the Fug Girls pointed out, Project Runway winner Jeffrey Sebelia was the first on his feet at the end of Vera Wang’s fashion show. Jada Yuan caught him as he headed out the door. Are you in town seeing other shows? This is it. Why just Vera? Because I love what she does. It was a beautiful show. It was just deliciously soft. It was so sort of edgy and dark. I like her direction. What have you been up to since the end of Project Runway? Selling my Cosa Nostra men’s and women’s lines and doing really well.
  5. show & tell
    Jay McCarroll and Tim Gunn Still Have Beef Jay McCarroll is lying low this Fashion Week. His first collection, which debuted in the fall, will be released next month by Urban Outfitters. What’s next? Certainly not a reunion with Tim Gunn. We talked to McCarroll at the Gen Art fashion showcase, where he took the opportunity to get his feelings about the Project Runway host off his chest. Your spring 2007 show was great. Yeah. I thought it was good. No one fucking said anything.
  6. show & tell
    Tim Gunn Thinks Michael Knight Needs to Get Out of Atlanta We’re glad Bravo resisted the urge to overexpose Project Runway, but it’s killing us not to have a Bryant Park show to make bets on. So we found the next best thing: Tim Gunn, in the front row of the Heart Truth show.
  7. new york fugging city
    Stars Skip Sunbonnets, Ruffled Diapers If there’s one thing we’ve learned in our two days of roaming Bryant Park, it’s that there is no such thing as “Hurry up, the show starts in 30 seconds.” Our evening began with a 6 p.m. Karen Walker show, her first-ever U.S. presentation. Now, when neither of you is a local and one of you was born without a sense of direction, it’s best if the other is not terribly trusting. Sadly, that’s not the case.