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  1. Instagram Husband Performs Heroic FeatHell hath no fury like an Instagram husband scorned.
  2. Serena Williams Was Cheered on by Two Fans at WimbledonNice to see her fans get into it!
  3. bonding
    Jay Z and Blue Ivy Had Daddy-Daughter Time Backstage at Beyoncé’s Tampa ShowDaddy-daughter time.
  4. infidelity
    Rachel Roy: I’m Not ‘Becky With the Good Hair’The fashion designer denies rumors that Beyoncé’s “Sorry” references her.
  5. hotshot
    Guess Jay Z Didn’t Earn That Red LobsterBut he got Lay’s chips?
  6. law and order
    Beyoncé, Kanye, and Jay Z Are Suing a French T-Shirt LabelSo are Rihanna and Pharrell.
  7. brief histories
    Gwyneth Paltrow’s Love Affair With Rap: A TimelineA brief history of her hip-hop obsession.
  8. crazy fangirls
    Beyoncé Is a Real-life Mother of DragonsWhat will she do with her fancy eggs?
  9. yeezy season
    Kanye’s Show Was Crazy in All the Right WaysBeyoncé, Nori, Anna, RiRi, Biebs, Jay Z, and some clothes we want to wear.
  10. See Blue Ivy’s Adorable Age-Appropriate StyleNo Kale sweatshirts or Yankee fitteds in her wardrobe, yet.
  11. coastal shifts
    Beyoncé and Jay Z Are Moving to L.A.“Actively” looking for a California estate.
  12. nerds
    Beyoncé and Jay Z Travel Like Regulation DorksJust you wait: There’s a utilitarian backpack.
  13. look of the day
    Blue Ivy Pulled a Mid-Event Outfit Change At the premiere of Annie.
  14. lyrical
    Presenting All of Jay Z’s Fashion-Label Name-Checks in Order on a ShirtThe project is ART AS WRENCH, a clever anagram of Shawn Carter. 
  15. year of beyonce
    Beyoncé Enumerates Her Problems, With a LeotardShe has 99 of them.
  16. party life
    The Gay Hip-Hop Club Night Jay Z Probably Doesn’t Know He InspiredHard Cock Life has become a platform for queer rappers and performers in the U.K.
  17. marriage
    Beyoncé and Jay Z Renewed Their Wedding VowsFresh love. 
  18. … Meanwhile, We Bring You the News in Beyoncé America’s Royal Couple is still hard at work.
  19. we want to believe
    Beyoncé and Family Make Us Weep at the VMAsNot that that will stop rumors from swirling.
  20. gossip
    When Should We Start Believing the Beyoncé–Jay Z Divorce Rumors? A case study.
  21. our selfies ourselves
    How Instagram Became the Best Crisis PRWho needs Olivia Pope? Beyoncé, Bieber, and Jill Abramson prefer pictures.
  22. all in the family
    Beyoncé Posted 4 Happy Solange Pictures on InstagramBut why???
  23. We Asked 100 New Yorkers: What Did Jay Z Do to Make Solange So Mad?“He accidentally sexted the wrong sister.”
  24. all in the family
    Solange Purged Beyoncé From Her InstagramLeaving just a single memory.
  25. photo evidence
    The Timeline of the Night Solange Attacked Jay ZA breakdown of all the photos from that night, starting at the Carlyle.
  26. cans of whoop-ass
    Are Solange’s Met Gala Stilettos Viable Weapons?An analysis. 
  27. the cut portfolio
    Private, Offbeat Moments on Last Night’s Met Gala Red CarpetKim and Kanye’s private moment, sisterly telepathy for the Olsens. 
  28. lfw
    Tom Ford Made a Jay Z Joke in His Fall CollectionA “knock-off of the knock-off.”
  29. furry situations
    Joe Namath, Kanye West, and More: A Brief History of Men in FurThe caveman look. 
  30. first families
    Blue Ivy Carter Met Sunny ObamaThe takeaway from Michelle Obama’s 50th.
  31. 22 day vegan challenge
    Beyoncé and Jay Z Drowned Their Veganism With Lobster RisottoBring on the meaty New Year!
  32. the end of 2013
    32 Major Fashion Moments of 2013Marc Jacobs’ Vuitton finale, Galliano’s comeback, and so much more.
  33. video look book
    All the Looks From Beyoncé’s New VideosA denim thong! A metal bra!
  34. #22dayveganchallenge
    Beyoncé Wears Cow Print, Displays Sense of HumorA week into her vegan challenge.
  35. pizza butt
    Newly Vegan Beyoncé Covers Her Body in Pepperoni Pizza It’s not delivery, it’s Beyoncé.
  36. bey and jay’s adventures in vegan
    A First Glimpse of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Vegan LifeRemember the days of chicken and waffles?
  37. quotables
    Rick Owens Doesn’t Love Jay Z’s MusicHe prefers show tunes instead.
  38. Jay Z Is Charging Almost $3,000 for Boxing ShortsUnless they make your penis larger, they probably aren’t worth it.
  39. lawsuits
    Barneys Proceeds With Jay-Z Collab Unveiling [Updated]Party or not.
  40. shop and frisk
    Jay Z Promises to Help Barneys Fix Its Racial Profiling Problem But he won’t be cancelling his collaboration with the store.
  41. the midas touch
    Jay Z to Debut His First Fragrance at BarneysIt’s called “Gold.”
  42. shop and frisk
    Jay Z, Al Sharpton Comment on Barneys’ Racial Drama“Stop and frisk” is now “shop and frisk.”
  43. backlashes
    Barneys Enlists Al Sharpton’s Help in Racial-Profiling AccusationsCEO Mark Lee will meet with the Reverend next week.
  44. backlashes
    Jay-Z Gets Pressure to Call Off Barneys CollaborationHow will he spin these racial accusations?
  45. lists
    The 50 Most Controversial T-Shirts of All TimeIncluding, but not limited to, Abercrombie & Fitch.
  46. collaboration station
    Jay Z’s Holiday Collection for Barneys, RevealedBeyoncé and Blue Ivy are getting some very nice Christmas presents this year.
  47. perfect couples
    Women Earn the Big Bucks in These Celeb Couples Tom Brady is not bringing home the most bacon.
  48. strange stories
    The Great Beyoncé-Shape Conspiracy Theory, Featuring Mysterious Sex ActsA sexually deranged tale for the ages.
  49. cover boys
    Tom Ford Talks Diapers, Sanitary Wipes, and FatherhoodIn WSJ.’s new menswear issue.
  50. donatella ftw
    Donatella Versace Approves of ‘Donatella’She loves the love song that was written about her.
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