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  1. jeah!
    Oh My God, Ryan Lochte Is Responsible for Another Human NowThe swimmer welcomed his first child with fiancée Kayla Rae Reid on Thursday morning
  2. jeah!
    Ryan Lochte Has Officially Taken His Relationship to the Next LevelHint: It involves a ring.
  3. Jeah!
    Ryan Lochte No Longer DTFHe finally admitted to dating Kayla Rae Reid.
  4. Table-Tennis Players Are Rio’s Hottest Tinder MatchesSorry, swimmers.
  5. jeah!
    Here Are Ryan Lochte and Matthew McConaughey Chilling at the OlympicsJust Keep Jeah-ing.
  6. jeah!
    Ryan Lochte Assures Tearful Nation That He’s Still Single and DTFThank you for clarifying, Ryan.
  7. jeah!
    Here’s a Shirtless Ryan Lochte Eating SpaghettiHe finally got his other pasta.
  8. jeah!
    Ryan Lochte Would Like You to Have a PuppyHere you go.
  9. jeah!
    Poor Ryan Lochte Didn’t Realize the Chlorine Would Turn His Gray Dye Job GreenBless his heart.
  10. jeah!
    Looks Like Ryan Lochte Is Dating a Playboy BunnyHer name is Kayla Rae Reid.
  11. swellness
    Just Like You, Ryan Lochte Is Really Into Avocado Toast Right NowBut the swimmer is not feeling spiralized pasta.
  12. jeah!
    Attention, World: Ryan Lochte Is a Silver Fox Now The swimmer dyed his hair ahead of the Olympics and [ahooga horn noise].
  13. who would ryan lochte do
    Ryan Lochte Is Now on TinderJeah!
  14. jeah!
    Ryan Lochte’s Adorable New Dog Makes Ryan Lochte Relevant AgainJeah!