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Jean Claude Ellena

  1. now smell this
    Hermès’s 1st Female Perfumer on Breaking Into the Male-Dominated Perfume WorldAll scents are interesting to her — except one.
  2. now smell this
    You’ve Been Buying Your Candles for All the Wrong ReasonsHermès’s new in-house perfumer explains the true purpose of a candle. 
  3. now smell this
    Dump Someone If You Hate Their SmellAnd other revelations from the Hermès perfumers. 
  4. fragrant friday
    Smell Like Crisp Green-Tea LeavesDon’t read your tea leaves — wear them.
  5. fragrant friday
    Q&A: Hermès’s Perfumers on Luxury, Perfume Bloggers, and Nighttime Scents“The particularity of Hermès is always of the afternoon and morning and not for the night.”
  6. selfish moments
    New Colognes From Hermès: Body Splash for AdultsLight, citrus fragrances right for the new season ahead.
  7. q&a
    The Hermès Perfumer on How to Choose a FragranceHe says no to anything celebrity-endorsed.