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  1. The Summer of Baggy Jeans11 pairs to live in.
  2. style
    The Realest Pair of JeansIn a hype-fueled industry, how much you can get for your Levi’s depends on how good a story you’re telling.
  3. politics
    Fit Boy for President?A deeply distressing video of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. working out in jeans has surfaced.
  4. style
    Hey Fashion Friend: What Kind of Jeans Should I Buy This Spring?A guide to current trends, from joots to JNCOs.
  5. tastemakers
    The Denim CEO Making Cute and Sustainable JeansSarah Ahmed wants to offer an alternative to fast fashion.
  6. relationships
    Pete Davidson and Kaia Gerber Have One Very Important Thing in CommonThey both look extremely good in pants.
  7. feuds
    Former Soap Opera Star Continues Her War on DenimShe called the pants “tragic.”
  8. high-waist jeans
    Need More High-Waist Jeans? Here Are 16 OptionsStockpile before the winter.
  9. multi-tasking
    Céline Dion Gets Herself Some Pants That Can Do BothBe very small and very large at the same time, that is.
  10. hot shot
    What’s Up With Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jeans?Why are they so scrunched?
  11. hmm
    Scott Walker’s One Concession to Women: JeansThank you?
  12. psa
  13. always shopping
    Yes, Comfortable High-Waist Jeans Do ExistGood American’s Good Curve jeans are meant for sitting and eating big meals.
  14. micro sales
    All Everlane Jeans Are Just $50 TodayThat’s $18 off each pair.
  15. rebuttal
    Yoga Pants Are the Best PantsJeans are always wildly uncomfortable, but yoga pants make me feel like myself.
  16. always shopping
    Everlane Just Released Your New Spring JeansAll hail the Kick Crop.
  17. huh
    You Can Now Own a Pair of Jeans Without a Crotch or Pant Legs for $400So useful.
  18. always shopping
    12 Perfect Pairs of Jeans for Curvy Women, No Matter What Your StyleFrom shredded skinnies to wide-legged trousers.
  19. gone sale-ing
    Get Designer Jeans for Under $100 TodayFrom DL1961, True Religion, and more.
  20. best bets
    A Cult Jeans Shop Returns, High-Design Humidifiers, and Vintage in the LESWhat’s new in New York stores.
  21. always shopping
    What Everlane’s Brand-new Jeans Look Like on 5 Different WomenThey launch today with a 40,000-person wait list.
  22. style
    Oh Thank God, Everlane Is Making JeansThey’ll be available September 7.
  23. time is a flat circle
    It Was Only a Matter of Time Before JNCO Jeans Got the High-Fashion TreatmentIt was only a matter of time.
  24. side hustles
    Cristiano Ronaldo Wants You to Be Able to Wear Jeans to the GymWhen you’re always on the go, the world-famous soccer star’s new denim line is intended to move with you.
  25. always shopping
    Reformation’s Super-Popular Petites Collection Is Back For GoodCute summer dresses that short people don’t have to hem.
  26. collaboration station
    Diesel Partnered Up With Faustine Steinmetz on Trippy DenimThe collection looks as if you took an eraser to your pants.
  27. abominations
    The Most Ridiculous Jeans Styles of the Year, RankedFrom clear-knee jeans to fake mud to jeans that show off your entire bare butt.
  28. innovations
    Spring’s Hottest Look Is a Pair of Jeans That Shows Off Your Entire Bare ButtThis is happening now.
  29. The One Pair of Jeans That Fits 10 WomenYou’ll be surprised by the winner.
  30. cheap thrill
    Cheap Thrill: The Perfect High-Waisted JeansSwedish denim label Dr. Denim is here to make denim shopping a lot easier.
  31. Testing the Best White Jeans to Wear All Year RoundWhen it comes to white denim, the only rule is that it should flatter you.
  32. the cut’s september fashion issue
    The 6 Best Denim Shops on EtsyWhere to buy everything from vintage to custom pieces.
  33. ahead of the curve
    How to Style Boyfriend Jeans at Any SizeFour looks, four different women.
  34. gone sale-ing
    The Jeans 600 People Waited For Worth the money and the hype. 
  35. styling ideas
    How to Wear Summer JeansLook cool and calm, even when it’s 90 degrees out.
  36. sausagefest
    Skinny Jeans Are Still Our Circulation-Cutting OverlordsAnd your legs remain bound in a denim prison.
  37. always shopping
    Where to Buy Rihanna’s Favorite Jeans We did the work, work, work, work, work for you.
  38. fun hobbies
    Hey, Mining for Old Jeans Seems Like a Fun HobbyWho knew?
  39. 27 Fresh New Denim Picks for FallRe-up your wardrobe.
  40. tastemakers
    The Denim Duo Who Know What Women Want Misty Zollars and Kelly Urban of AMO Denim understand your insecurities.
  41. styling ideas
    Outfit of the Week: Cropped Jeans and an Artsy Tank TopCoordinate with a matching lipstick and cross-body bag.
  42. summer whites
    How to Find Your Perfect Pair of White JeansA handy guide. 
  43. best bets
    Mix Up Your Denim Game With These JeansThe striped sides probably look like nothing else in your closet.
  44. The Rise and Fall of the JNCO EmpireBut will the empire strike back?
  45. this plus that
    How to Wear ’70s-Style High-Waisted JeansAnd not look like you’re wearing a Jane Birkin costume.
  46. look of the day
    Jane Birkin Is a Glorious DGAF Style IconShowing street-stylers how it’s done.
  47. best bets
    Go-to ‘Cool’ Jeans to Get You Through 2015Pre-shredded and ready to go.
  48. styling tricks
    A Fun Styling Trick for Lazy Short GirlsWe’re not kidding.
  49. objects
    The iPhone 6 and Denim: Sworn Inanimate EnemiesPockets, dye — when will it end?
  50. look of the day
    Kim Kardashian Wore Curious Knee-Length JortsWith heels. 
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