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Jeb Bush

  1. zing!
    Jeb Bush Delivers Totally Sick Burn to Donald TrumpThe former governor wants to fight.
  2. definitive rankings
    The Top 10 Pettiest Moments of the 2016 Presidential Race, Thus FarSmall hands! Periods! “Your mom” jokes!
  3. How Jeb! Should Spend His Remaining $24.4 MillionAfter spending $5,000 per vote, Jeb! still has a lot left over.
  4. fashion tips for nerds
    The Cut’s Official Style Guide for Jeb BushEven though you’re running for president, you can still rock all the latest trends!
  5. Why a Christian University’s Freshman Fitbit Requirement Is a Bad IdeaThe device has some pretty serious accuracy issues.
  6. owned
    Muslim Beauty Vlogger Expertly Questions GOP Candidates About Their Intolerance Nabela Noor put Jeb Bush on the spot.
  7. jeb bush
    How ‘Free Stuff’ Pays Off for Families and KidsDirect money to parents appears to improve outcomes for their kids.
  8. from the mouths of men
    Wallets Full of WomenLet’s analyze what the GOP candidates said when asked, “Which woman would you put on the $10 bill?”
  9. presidential debates
    These Social-Science Nuggets Can Make You a Smarter Debate-WatcherThere’s some under-the-radar stuff you should watch out for.
  10. voting on style
    The Best and Worst of the 2016 Campaign MerchHillary Clinton pantsuit T-shirts, Rand Paul sports bras, and so much more.