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Jeff Zucker

  1. first days
    Katie Couric Launched Daytime Program, Brownie-Shamed Jessica SimpsonIn her first daytime outing, Katie Couric grilled Jessica Simpson on her weight loss and Sheryl Crow on ex Lance Armstrong’s doping.
  2. make it work
    The Project Runway Lawsuit Has Been Settled!The series will air on Lifetime, not NBC.
  3. cult of personality
    Tim Gunn Used to Do ‘Project Runway’ for Free (Updated)That’s right — Harvey Weinstein paid him zero dollars for season one and just $2,500 an episode for season two.
  4. cult of personality
    Harvey Weinstein Voluntarily Forgoes His ‘Project Runway’ Emmy NodEmmy rules dictate only fifteen producers can win. ‘Runway’ has sixteen.
  5. run through
    Weinstein and Zucker’s Diva Battle for ‘Project Runway’Harvey Weinstein and Jeff Zucker testified before a judge over whether NBC has a shot at keeping the show. And things got nasty.