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  1. pregnant princesses!!
    Kate Middleton Continues Her Suburban-Mom OutingsShopping for jeggings at the Gap! 
  2. just pants
    Here Is a Rap Video About JeggingsFake pockets never get old, do they?
  3. just pants
    Video: Conan Follows Through on Threat to Host His Show in MeggingsTim Gunn might be leaning over a bucket somewhere.
  4. just pants
    Goldman Sachs Has Decided Jeggings Will Be a Big Back-to-School Fashion ItemIf anyone would know, it would be them.
  5. just pants
    Too-Tight Pants Could Result in Nerve ProblemsAnd you thought muffin top was bad.
  6. make it stop
    Whitney Port Proves Jeggings Are a ‘Don’t’She has the legs to pull them off and they still don’t look nice.