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  1. spooky szn
    Don’t Worry, Celebrities Went All Out for HalloweenLori Harvey gave us five Beyoncés.
  2. celeb friendships
    Jennifer Garner Has a Direct Line to Joe Manchin, Apparently“When anything’s happening, the whole world calls me and says, ‘Maybe you should try Joe Manchin.’”
  3. an investigation
    Where in the World Was Everyone Not at the Bennifer Wedding?The tabloids have been working overtime to track down the no-shows.
  4. apologies
    Ben Affleck Is Sorry for What He Said About Jennifer GarnerHe knows his comments about their marriage made him seem like “the most insensitive, stupid, awful guy.”
  5. whelp
    So Is Everyone Texting Their Ex Now?It appears Jennifer Garner is taking a page from Ben Affleck’s book.
  6. the cut podcast
    30, Flirty, and ThrivingOn this week’s episode, embracing the Jenna Rink that has lived inside us since 2004.
  7. hamburglars
    Please Enjoy This Photo of Ina Garten and Jennifer Garner at an In-N-OutHow nice of the Barefoot Contessa to take this aspiring cooking-show host under her wing.
  8. near death experiences
    Jennifer Garner and Her Daughter Were (Almost) Lost at SeaA kayaking trip gone wrong.
  9. friend fiction
    Friend Fiction: Foraging With Ina Garten and Jennifer GarnerImagining an afternoon among dear friends.
  10. you know what i heard
    Everything We Know About Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy (It’s a Girl!)It’s all in this week’s celebrity gossip column, You Know What I Heard.
  11. Jennifer Garner Went to Dinner at the Same Spot Ben Affleck Took Lindsay ShookusShe hit up the same restaurant where Ben Affleck took Lindsay Shookus.
  12. we’re shookus
    Jennifer Garner Reportedly Confronted Lindsay Shookus About Ben Affleck AffairDrama.
  13. Ben Affleck Is Reportedly Dating an SNL Producer, and Has Been for a WhilePeople claims their affair began in 2013.
  14. life after people
    Jennifer Garner Turns on Her Favorite TabloidWhat’s going to happen now?
  15. How Long Until Ben Affleck Announces a New Girlfriend?Let’s read between the lines of recent tabloid stories.
  16. Ben Affleck Is ‘Dating’ After Split From Jennifer GarnerAccording to TMZ, the pair are finally ready to move on.
  17. celebrity divorces
    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Officially File for DivorceThey announced their separation back in 2015.
  18. love and war
    Ben Affleck Thanks Jennifer Garner for Support During Quiet Stint in RehabHe wrote on Facebook about completing a program for alcohol addiction.
  19. Jennifer Garner Wants to Have a ‘Steak and a Good Chat’ About Policy With TrumpThe actress went to D.C. this weekend in an attempt to lobby Ivanka Trump on literacy programs.
  20. Jennifer Garner Is Finally Going to Divorce Ben Affleck, Us Weekly SaysAffleck has reportedly moved out of the family home.
  21. tweenpocalypse
    All the Other Kids in Ben Affleck’s Daughter’s Class Have a Laptop Why Can’t SheJen told Today she didn’t know tweens need computers.
  22. Ben Affleck and Jen Garner Look Mad at Neighborhood Block Party and EverywhereBen Affleck and Jen Garner are still trying to work it out, one tedious family event at a time.
  23. ben affleck’s face
    Did Ben Affleck Make Jennifer Garner Cry at Their Kids’ Karate Class?Jennifer Garner is either wiping away a tear or suffering from allergies.
  24. What Do You Think Jennifer Garner Is Doing Right Now?Guess.
  25. the ballad of bennifer 2
    Ben Affleck and Jen Garner Reportedly Putting That Whole Divorce Thing on HoldIt looks like Jen might take Ben back, after all.
  26. If Ben Affleck Wants to Win Jennifer Garner Back, He’s Not Trying Hard EnoughHe was maybe spotted with a blonde in Miami.
  27. Why Does Ben Affleck Think He Deserves to Win Jennifer Garner Back?Sources say.
  28. That’ll Be 76 Trombones for Ms. Jennifer GarnerThe actress celebrated her 44th birthday with a marching band.
  29. Jennifer Garner Almost Wasn’t Hot Enough for AliasThat ABC network executive was so, so wrong.
  30. beauty is pain
    Jennifer Garner Wants Guys to Understand the Agony of Wearing a Nice Dress“Next thing you know, my ribs were compressed.”
  31. softboy city
    Ben Affleck Breaks Silence on Jennifer Garner, Still Needs to Explain Back TatBen Affleck showed off his masculine sensitivity in his New York Times interview.
  32. popular opinion
    Ben Affleck’s Exes Agree: That Back Tat Is HorribleTwo Jennifers, four thumbs-down.
  33. heroes
    Jennifer Garner Refuses to Be Blamed for Ben Affleck’s Hideous Back Tattoo“Bless his heart.”
  34. love is dead
    Here Lie All the Dead Celebrity RelationshipsAn ever-updating tombstone.
  35. celebrity
    A Celebration of Ben Affleck’s NannyChristine Ouzounian is an audacious antiheroine.
  36. un-coupling
    A Celebrity-Divorce Expert Tells AllTalking to the man who managed the other Jen’s breakup with Ben.
  37. look book
    See How Jennifer Garner Mastered Simple StyleFrom her Alias days to the present.
  38. Jennifer Garner Is Training Her Daughters for Gender Wars“That’s why they’ve been taking karate since they were little!”
  39. los angeles
    Jennifer Garner Is But a Simple Goat HerderThe Los Angeles farming life. 
  40. shameless spouse-promotion
    Jennifer Garner Is Doing Great PR for Ben AffleckShameless spouse-promotion.
  41. party pics
    All the Looks From the Vanity Fair Oscar Party One final outfit change. 
  42. party lines
    Party Pics: Kardashian, Clinton, Upton, and MoreSadly, not all in the same place at the same time.
  43. video
    Jennifer Garner’s Harrowing Anti-Paparazzi TestimonyShe chokes up describing violent stalkers outside her kid’s preschool.
  44. quotables
    Jennifer Garner Makes an Effort to Party Alone“It’s a very conscious decision.”
  45. party dump
    Party Pics: The Most Fun Celebrity Moments of the WeekFrom breakfast at the Breslin to cocktails at sunset.
  46. smell ya later
    How I Turned My Persona Into the Perfect PerfumeIt involves a woman who knows exactly what I want to smell like.
  47. faces of things
    Why Jennifer Garner Should Jump on the Fashion BandwagonShe might be the new face of Max Mara, for starters.
  48. having it all
    Ben Affleck Is Leaning OutLike Anthony Weiner did.
  49. oscars 2013
    Male Gaze, Oscars Edition: Nine Sexy Men in TuxesAnd one kilt.
  50. oscars 2013
    Prom-Worthy Hair Tendrils at the OscarsYou might call them “face curtains.”
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