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  1. this! is! amusing!
    Solange Is Unfazed by Jeopardy! Contestants Knowing Nothing About Her“Lmaoooooo.”
  2. television
    A College Librarian Dethroned the Reigning Jeopardy ChampFittingly, 27-year-old Emma Boettcher wrote her master’s on the game.
  3. jeopardy
    This Guy Won Nearly $700,000 in 10 Days on ‘Jeopardy’James Holzhauer won $697,787 in 10 days, setting multiple records on the show.
  4. jeopardy
    Alex Trebek Reveals He Has Been Diagnosed With Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer“Normally the prognosis for this is not very encouraging, but I’m gonna fight this.”
  5. Watch Alex Trebek Mercilessly Skewer a Jeopardy ContestantThis is icy.
  6. heartthrobs
    Stop Sexting Buzzy Cohen, the Jeopardy Champ“There are some really interesting, very forward people that have messaged me things you can’t print on your website.”
  7. this! is! jeopardy!
    Here’s What You Missed on Jonathan Franzen’s Jeopardy! AppearanceSuch a charmer.
  8. everyday heroes
    Congratulations on Your Jeopardy Win Last NightLove how candid you were with Alex!
  9. video
    Kanye Superfan Picked the Wrong Day to Appear on JeopardyOof.
  10. old flames
    Wow, How’d Your Ex-Boyfriend Tom Make It on to Jeopardy?Tom couldn’t stop staring at himself in the monitor.
  11. designers do tv
    Isaac Mizrahi to Compete on JeopardyHe’s already made it to the semifinals!