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  1. dating
    What It’s Like to Date Pauly D and VinnyWe talked Tinder, first date rituals, and meat gifts with the men of the Jersey Shore.
  2. jersey shore
    Ronnie From Jersey Shore Is Officially SingleLadies? (Just kidding.)
  3. swellness
    Snooki on Jersey Shore Wellness and Sexy Muscles“There was no sense of wellness, really, when I was filming Jersey Shore. “
  4. sex diaries
    The Woman on a Getaway at the Jersey ShoreThis week’s sex diary.
  5. jersey weddings!
    JWOWW’s Wedding Dress: Just As Classy As You Hoped ForBe glad she didn’t find a bridal bikini?
  6. Would You Ever Buy Snooki-Branded Lipstick?Sadly, this is a real question.
  7. shoes by orange people
    Yes, Snooki Is Expanding Into Kids’ SlippersYou saw this coming.
  8. pregnant cover girls
    To Compare: Jessica Simpson and Snooki’s Bumpy New CoversTheir poses are quite similar.
  9. orange people
    Jersey Shore Style Recap: Secrets RevealedJeans are ironed, fake hair is hand-delivered, and more shocking findings from last night’s episode.
  10. orange people
    Jersey Shore Style Recap: Tatoos and PrintsVinny has a new tattoo, a girl visits the house wearing floral, and more “fashion” highlights from last night’s episode.
  11. orange people
    Jersey Shore Fashion Recap: Depressed Clothes for Depressed PeopleWith Vinny gone, and the tears flowing, there was a surprising amount of black — and even some rogue skinny jeans — on last night’s episode.
  12. reality bites
    The Reality Stars’ Guide to BrandingBranding experts help us put together six rules for anyone wanting to build their own brand.
  13. lawsuits
    A Clothing Company Called ‘Serious Pimp’ Is Suing The SituationClearly, this is serious business.
  14. orange people
    Jersey Shore Fashion Recap: Rain, Chains, and Depressed Facial HairAlso, is it time to put The Situation on Bump Watch?
  15. orange people
    Jersey Shore Fashion Recap: Seaside CoutureInterpret the word ‘couture’ as you wish.
  16. look of the day
    The Festive Situation Is Upon UsYes, it’s (finally) that time.
  17. celebrities who design
    JWOWW’s New Bikini Line Reportedly ‘Defies Gravity’Glinda and Elphaba didn’t mean it quite like this.
  18. orange people
    Sammi From Jersey Shore Says She Looks Like ‘Pocahontas’That’s why she has hair extensions. Obviously!
  19. orange people
    Abercrombie & Fitch Filed Their Defense Against The Situation’s Lawsuit They want the Sitch’s case dismissed.
  20. uhn tss uhn tss
    D.J. Tiësto Would Love Tom Brady to Model His New Line of T-shirtsAlso, he has never seen Jersey Shore and does not agree with sunglasses at night.
  21. beauty marks
    Rihanna Wears a Cropped Blond Wig; Lady Gaga Attributes Good Skin to OrgasmsPlus, a clump of Michael Jackson’s hair is expected to sell for $5,000 at auction.
  22. beauty marks
    JWOWW Launches a Fragrance; Dior Creates an Eye Shadow Palette for Art BaselPlus, Lindsey Wixson has a french braid on the cover of Muse magazine.
  23. orange people
    The Situation Sues Abercrombie for Trademark InfringementThey made fun of him, and now he’s mad.
  24. orange people
    Snooki Sues Branding Company for Not Making Her Enough MoneyThe good news is: This might delay or prevent the launch of her lingerie line.
  25. wouldn’t you buy snooki’s crocodilly?
    Video: Snooki Selling Perfume, Slippers, and Crocodile Plushies on HSN“This is HSN. This is like, a big deal.”
  26. chloe sevigny
    Chloë Sevigny Would Be Fine With Snooki Wearing Clothes She’d DesignedSnooki’s okay, but the Fannings would be better.
  27. Snooki’s Fragrance Is Serious BusinessThough the pink and purple leopard-print packaging might suggest otherwise.
  28. a shore thing
    Video: Regis Philbin Gets Shirtless for a Fascinator-Wearing SnookiDaytime TV is magical.
  29. orange people
    Jersey Shore Fashion Recap: Analyze the Situation’s Abs, Contrast Waist Belts Abound, and MoreIt’s just that they’re a very unusual version of a six-pack.
  30. orange people
    Jersey Shore Fashion Recap: Snooki and Deena’s Full-on Visual Assault Reaches a New PeakTo go with their behavior, naturally.
  31. orange people
    Jersey Shore Fashion Recap: Snooki Needs to Let JWOWW Change Clothes More OftenIf she didn’t have to do so much babysitting, maybe she would have shown a greater breadth of wardrobe in the new episode.
  32. loose threads
    Online Shoppers Break More Spending Records; Black Swan Is Making Tutus HappenAlso, textile magnate Roger Milliken passed away yesterday.
  33. orange people
    Who Is This Woman and What Has She Done With JWOWW?She looks better than lots of celebrities doing photo ops these days.
  34. Simon Doonan’s Jersey Shore Jokes Fail to Enthuse Fashion CrowdMaybe our photo illustration will show them how funny they were.
  35. slutofiend
    Will Halloween Be the Thing That Finally Puts Jersey Shore–Themed Parties and Other Stuff to Rest?’Shore’ costumes are the most popular among adults this year, research shows.
  36. slash jobs
    JWOWW’s Filthy Couture Clothing Line Hasn’t Been Shut Down After All“It’s shut down, but not shut down.”
  37. sad news
    JWOWW’s Filthy Couture Clothing Line Shut DownA friend of JWOWW blames “trademark issues.”
  38. loose threads
    Ungaro Foreshadowing; Jersey Shore’s Sammi Wants a Clothing LineAlso, the billionaire who bought Ford Models once paid $4 million for a George Michael performance.
  39. beauty marks
    Pauly D Ditches the Spikes; Reality TV Awards Brides-to-Be With Plastic SurgeryAlso, Jason Wu’s models wore leather-textured nail polish on his spring runway.
  40. fist pump!
    Angelina From Jersey Shore Got a Runway Gig!It’s not exactly Fashion Week, but it is something.
  41. beauty marks
    Avon’s Fergie-Judged Singing Competition; Jacquelyn Jablonski’s Pointy Black EyelinerPlus, Katy Perry’s Bedazzled nails.
  42. gorillas with hair gel
    The Situation’s Nicknamed Friend Models a Situation-Designed Tank TopAnd something is lacking.
  43. orange people
    Terry Richardson’s New Jersey Shore Photos Will Get You Pumped for Tonight’s PremiereNo shirtless moment or awkward pose on a bed is going undocumented.
  44. orange people
    Snooki: Style Icon? The Next Elizabeth Taylor?The fashion press is analyzing her, and this is what they’re suggesting.
  45. appreciating gorillas with hair gel
    Marc Jacobs Hypnotized by Jersey Shore“It gave my brain a vacation.”
  46. look of the day
    The Situation Shows Off His Abs — AgainThe alternative: Seeing his Ed Hardy T-shirt.
  47. wow is right
    Video: JWOWW Shows Off Filthy Couture’s Padded Cups and Lace-Trimmed Bikini BottomsIt’s still highly doubtful your chest will come close to looking like hers.
  48. tear sheets
    Appearing in Harper’s Bazaar’s Jersey Shore Spread Was Tinsley Mortimer’s ‘Dream Come True’And as it turns out, ours as well!
  49. tear sheets
    Terry Richardson Shot the Jersey Shore Boys RightThe fabled ‘Interview’ spread is out!
  50. party lines
    Julia Restoin-Roitfeld Prefers to Call Her Friends ‘Elegant’ Rather Than ‘Classy’Also, she thinks it’s time to do away with all-black for spring.
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