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Jersey Shore

  1. technology
    We Viewed Interview’s Jersey Shore Spread on the iPad TodayIt includes video of their spray-tan session.
  2. beauty marks
    Olay Signed Thandie Newton; the Bumpit Failed SnookiAnd Amanda Seyfried knows her tattoo is naughty.
  3. beauty marks
    Snooki Spray-Tans Unsuspecting New Yorkers; Ke$ha Goes Out Without MakeupAnd Tom Ford’s new lipstick line comes out June 1.
  4. the garden state is full of treasures
    The Style Network’s Jerseylicious Aims to Expose the Real New JerseyYes, this is a real show on the Style Network.
  5. get skanky
    JWOWW’s Clothing Line Is Apparently UnisexFinally, womenswear for men.
  6. get skanky
    JWOWW Went Fabric Shopping!She’s making men’s and ladies’ wear.
  7. gorillas with hair gel
    A Club in New Orleans Banned Jersey Shore ClothesWe’re actually glad New York didn’t think of this first.
  8. orange people
    Harper’s Bazaar Shot the Jersey Shore GirlsThe fashion industry sure is milking these people.
  9. orange people
    JWOWW’s Biggest Jersey Shore Fashion Regret: ‘Everything’She says she was sick during filming.
  10. un-hairy situations
    Turns Out Terry Richardson Shot the Jersey Shore Cast for InterviewIt’s as weird as it sounds.
  11. hey gurl
    Bar Refaeli Did a Photo Shoot With ‘the Situation’Lucky girl … ?
  12. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: The Fashion Week AwardsOur biannual tally of who and what stood out, and why.
  13. get skanky
    JWOWW’s Clothing Line to Be Shredded, ShinyHow many things can one do with a boob sling?
  14. beauty marks
    Rihanna Gets a Leopard Manicure; Ryan Reynolds to Represent Hugo BossAnd L.A.M.B.’s key makeup artist shares the inspiration behind the runway show’s makeup.
  15. gorillas with hair gel
    Adolescents Look to Jersey Shore for Hairstyling Advice, ConfidenceMakes sense. Fashion magazines have gotten pretty boring.
  16. orange people
    Video: Snooki Gets a Make-under. And a Pantsuit.Watch out, Hillary.
  17. gorillas with hair gel
    The Jersey Shore Cast May Attend and Model in Fashion WeekD.J. Pauly D on the ones and twos!
  18. orange people
    Snooki Plugs Ugg, Bebe, Other Scary LabelsWe just hope people aren’t starting to take her seriously.
  19. get skanky
    Jersey Shore’s JWOWW Now Selling Custom Skank TopsThis could this be the beginnings of a full-fledged JWOWW line.
  20. orange people
    Snooki Under Fire for Aspirations to Spearhead a Worldwide Fake-Tanning RevolutionA parental watchdog organization seems to have a little too much time on its hands.
  21. Jersey Shore’s Snooki Looks Lovely Without MakeupBut she only took it off for a magazine.
  22. beauty marks
    Eva Longoria Parker Creates a Fragrance; Woman’s Eyes Glued Shut After Lash TintingAnd some people think Ali Lohan looks really old.
  23. gorillas with hair gel
    This Video of Jersey Shore’s Pauly D Doing His Hair Will Make You So HappyIt requires special blow-drying tools, the Elmer’s Glue of hair gel, and the utmost finesse.
  24. gorillas with hair gel
    The Defining Elements of the Style of a Jersey Shore MaleFirst, the hair. Second, the muscles.
  25. beauty marks
    Italy to Ban Breast Implants for Minors; American Apparel Regulates Employees’ EyebrowsAnd Salma Hayek has a new haircut.