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  1. celebrity
    Jessica Simpson Remembers the Met Gala DifferentlyShe responded to Sally Singer’s claim that “her breasts maybe fell out of her dress on the red carpet.”
  2. i wanna love you forever
    Jessica Simpson’s Music Deserves More LoveRevisiting her best songs on the occasion of her memoir.
  3. notebooked
    Wait, Was Jessica Simpson Almost in The Notebook?According to her recent memoir, she turned down the role “because they wouldn’t budge on taking out the sex scene.”
  4. stranger things
    25 Famous Women on Their Strangest HabitsAmy Poehler, Rebel Wilson, Chrissy Teigen, and more, on the weird habits they can’t shake.
  5. John Mayer Misses Katy Perry, Says He’s a Good Guy NowThe 39-year-old musician is attempting a comeback.
  6. motherhood
    25 Famous Women on PregnancyHillary Clinton, Beyoncé, Zadie Smith, and more celebrity moms on what it’s really like.
  7. space saver
    Jessica Simpson Is Low-Key Hoarding Clothes Until Her Daughter Grows UpWhat’s a girl to do with all those old prom dresses?
  8. what’s in a name?
    Jessica Simpson Is Happy to Have a ‘Porn Star Name’ Thanks to Her HusbandShe’s a happy Mrs. Johnson.
  9. un-coupling
    A Celebrity-Divorce Expert Tells AllTalking to the man who managed the other Jen’s breakup with Ben.
  10. clash of the tartans
    Why Is Jessica Simpson Power-Clashing So Hard?Plaid on plaid on plaid ad infinitum. 
  11. pants-o-pedia
    Great Moments in Pants: A Handy Trouser TimelineFrom A to Zubaz.
  12. women
    Jessica Simpson’s Clothing Line Makes Bank Because She Knows All About YouA billion! Dollars! 
  13. whcd
    See: All the Looks From the 2014 White House Correspondents’ Dinner Lupita Nyong’o, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Freida Pinto attended.
  14. Grillz Have Risen, But Do They Harm Your Teeth?We asked dentists and the outfit that makes them for celebrities.
  15. ins and outs
    Jessica Simpson’s Fashion Star Canceled by NBCR.I.P., latest Project Runway offshoot.
  16. Jessica Simpson Gives Birth to Son, Ace Knute JohnsonIt’s pronounced “Ace Ka-nute.”
  17. babies
    Jessica Simpson Is Bumpin’ and Proud on TwitterShe posted a pic of her pregnant self.
  18. look of the day
    Life’s a Beach for Jessica SimpsonCaftans, hoop earrings, hats.
  19. babies
    Jessica Simpson Is Indeed Pregnant AgainWhat will Weight Watchers do?
  20. people who might be pregnant
    Jessica Simpson Reportedly Pregnant AgainOof.
  21. unfortunate diets
    Jessica Simpson’s ‘Extreme’ Diet Sounds DullWhat, no oatmeal paste?
  22. the opposite sexts
    Body Acceptance in the Age of the SelfieCan naked self-shots improve self-esteem?
  23. first days
    Katie Couric Launched Daytime Program, Brownie-Shamed Jessica SimpsonIn her first daytime outing, Katie Couric grilled Jessica Simpson on her weight loss and Sheryl Crow on ex Lance Armstrong’s doping.
  24. rumors
    Jessica Simpson Not Designing Wedding DressesBummer.
  25. loose threads
    Simpson Wedding Dresses; Choupette LagerfeldPlus, Doutzen Kroes covers Vogue Portugal’s August 2012 issue.
  26. babies
    Jessica Simpson Promises to Have ‘One of the Most Amazing Weddings of All Time’She’ll carry her new baby down the aisle.
  27. formerly pregnant celebrities who design
    Jessica Simpson Is Designing Maternitywear, of Course“You want to show your bump off.” 
  28. slash jobs
    Fashion Star to Return for a Second SeasonCue the fireworks.
  29. babies
    No One Squabbled Over Jessica Simpson’s Baby PicturesPeople magazine will pay about $800,000 for them.
  30. Slideshow: Pregnant Celebrities Who Refuse to Stop Wearing HeelsIn honor of Jessica Simpson.
  31. pregnant celebrities who design
    Jessica Simpson Had a Baby Girl [Updated]Named Maxwell Drew Johnson.
  32. babies
    See a Video From Jessica Simpson’s Baby ShowerHow quaint.
  33. jessica simpson
    Jessica Simpson Dreamed She Gave Birth in a Leopard-Print CaftanShe would.
  34. knockoffs
    Jessica Simpson Accused of Knocking Off Christian LouboutinNamely, his “Staratata” shoe.
  35. fashion star
    Fashion Star’s Ratings Went UpSay what?
  36. fashion star
    Will You Give Fashion Star a Second Shot?And not just for the pyrotechnics, that is.
  37. beauty marks
    Donald Trump Gets Another Fragrance; Nicole Miller Starts Skin Care LinePlus, a women’s rights group in the UK wants to ban cosmetic surgery ads.
  38. fashion star
    Fashion Star Harder to Parse Than a NovelSeriously, it’s confusing.
  39. cover girls
    Did Heidi Klum’s Elle Cover Get ‘Bumped’?The supermodel’s April cover drops a few days after Jessica Simpson’s.
  40. pregnant cover girls
    To Compare: Jessica Simpson and Snooki’s Bumpy New CoversTheir poses are quite similar.
  41. celebrities who design
    Jessica Simpson to Appear on Biggest LoserTo give free clothes to contestants.
  42. pregnancies
    Jessica Simpson Knows What She’ll Wear While Giving BirthHere’s a hint: It’s not really sensible delivery attire.
  43. slash jobs
    Jessica and Ashlee Simpson Launched Their Kids’ Line This WeekendAt a mall in Raleigh, North Carolina.
  44. body issues
    Jessica Simpson Says the ‘Decision Not to Make [Her]self Anorexic Was Actually Great for Branding’She says it helped people to stop seeing her as a ditzy blonde.
  45. fashion yearbook
    See Michael Kors, Jessica Simpson, Terry Richardson, and More in Their Halloween CostumesJessica has finally revealed the baby bump everyone knew she wasn’t hiding very well.
  46. dreams come shoe
    Slideshow: Celebrities Doing Mundane Things in High HeelsIt happens every day, all around the world, and never manages to feel less than off.
  47. loose threads
    Gisele᾿s Son ‘Thinks Broccoli Is Dessert’; Valentino to Guest Design at Pitti UomoAlso, Jessica Simpson was wandering around Bergdorf without any shoes on.
  48. beauty marks
    Scarlett Johansson Dyed Her Hair Brown; Snooki Dyed (Parts of) Her Hair RedPlus, ‘W’ has caught football fever.
  49. pregnant celebrities who design
    Jessica Simpson Is Indeed Pregnant“Well, now I can eat anything I want and no one will care.”
  50. quotables
    The Times’ Alexandra Jacobs Has Harsh Words for Jessica Simpson’s Wedge Booties“Franken-shoes.”
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