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  1. crime
    JetBlue Pilots Accused of Drugging and Raping 3 Crew MembersThe women say they reported the assaults to JetBlue, but that no action was taken against the pilots.
  2. A Passenger Was Kicked Off a Flight After Accosting Ivanka TrumpYes, Ivanka flies commercial.
  3. airport mishaps
    JetBlue Put Two Children on the Wrong Airplanes, OopsA New York mother was not pleased when the airline handed her a completely different 5-year-old.
  4. everyday sexism
    JetBlue Stops Passenger From Boarding Plane Because of Her Short ShortsWho wears short shorts? Not JetBlue passengers, apparently.
  5. out of the mouths of lawyers
    Peter Brant II’s Lawyer Tells It Like It Is, Calls Brant an ‘Idiot’He threw a fit over a JetBlue flight.