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  1. media
    Jezebel Is Getting a New Editor-in-ChiefDeputy Editor Julianne Escobedo Shepherd will assume the position following Koa Beck’s departure.
  2. media
    Jezebel Names New Editor-in-ChiefKoa Beck was executive editor of Vogue.com and senior features editor of MarieClaire.com.
  3. lawsuits
    Hulk Hogan’s Lawyer Has Filed a New Defamation Suit Against JezebelOver a May 2016 report about an alleged “cult” that preyed on women.
  4. Editor-in-Chief of Jezebel Steps DownShe announced the news on Twitter.
  5. #hulkvsgawk
    Jury in Gawker Case Asks Jezebel Editor If She’s Ever Slept With Her BossesWeird they didn’t ask the male defendants the same question.
  6. troll watch
    Women Pay the Price for the Internet’s Culture of AnonymityJezebel comments, like Twitter and Reddit, have become a breeding ground for jerks.
  7. prizes
    Cosmo’s ASME Is a Win for All Women’s MediaWe’re all ladyblogs now — or we should be.
  8. watch
    Hannah Horvath Is a Jezebel CommenterLast night on Girls.
  9. feminism
    The Revolution Will Not Be Screen-Printed on a ThongEven if the ads feature unretouched photos.
  10. big reveals
    See What Lena Dunham Looks Like Without a Pigeon on Her HeadThe $10,000 exclusive.
  11. reviews of reviews
    Daily Caller Review of Jezebel Book: Daddy IssuesA sophisticated analysis of feminist anger.
  12. body horror
    Women Losing Objects in Their Vaginas: An Online Literature Review They often blog about it.
  13. photoshopped
    In Defense of Photoshop: Why Retouching Isn’t As Evil As Everyone ThinksArtificial as these images are, they’re actually not artificial enough.
  14. photoshopped
    Is That a Banana in Your Pocket, Banana Republic?A BR model is very excited about his herringbone suit pants.
  15. photoshopped
    Another Photoshop Whoopsie for Ann TaylorThe company mistakenly revealed its overzealous Photoshopping process.
  16. just do it
    Nike Ad Champions Big Butts, Misspells Big WordsThey like big butts and they cannot lie.
  17. model tracker
    Another Model Down: Viveka Babajee Commits SuicideWhat’s to blame for the recent spate of model suicides?
  18. cover girls
    Who Is the Cover Model of the Decade? Hint — It’s Not a ModelJezebel counts down the “ladymag” queens of our era.
  19. big and beautiful?
    Nonplussed: Study Says Even Full-figured Models Damage Self-esteemInternational research finds that plus-size models do not benefit plus-size women.
  20. run through
    Faking Out Consignment ShopsEver wonder if the vintage clothes you’re eyeing are legit? A test scam of a few local consignment shops had some interesting results.
  21. loose threads
    Skinny Male Models Don’t Make as Much Cash as Buff Ones; ‘Glamour’ Clashes with JezebelOne male model says his skinny peers don’t make as much money and only some houses, like Prada, are looking for rail thin males. [WSJ]