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Jill Abramson

  1. setbacks
    25 Famous Women on How Getting Fired Makes You StrongerLessons from Joan Rivers, Kerry Washington, Hari Nef, and more.
  2. frivolity
    Finally, ‘Serious’ Women Are Standing Up for Fashion MagazinesFor Jill Abramson and Alyssa Mastromonaco, appearing between sex and fashion articles isn’t “demeaning.”
  3. our selfies ourselves
    How Instagram Became the Best Crisis PRWho needs Olivia Pope? Beyoncé, Bieber, and Jill Abramson prefer pictures.
  4. BuzzFeed Probably Shouldn’t Have Published Its Journalism Salary SurveyBuzzFeed deserves credit for tackling a controversial subject shrouded in mystery, but its survey is too flawed to be of much use.
  5. solutions
    How Should Jill Abramson Cover Up Her Times Tattoo? Five Brooklyn tattoo artists gave it a shot. 
  6. office politics
    Jill Abramson Will Never Know Why She Got FiredWomen leaders can never be sure if they’re struggling because of their own performance, or others’ expectations.