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  1. runway alums
    Jillian Lewis Proves There’s Life After ‘Runway’The season-four finalist is designing costumes for a new dance performance. And we have sketches!
  2. loose threads
    John Galliano to Launch Eyewear; Cindy Crawford’s Husband Gets SuedAlso, Lacoste puts Coca Rocha on a polo shirt, Jillian Lewis previews her fall line, and Rachel Weisz wears crazy duds for ‘Vogue.’
  3. fashion yearbook
    Most Fabulous and Hideous ‘Project Runway’ LooksGear up for the season-five premiere with a look back at the show’s best and worst runway looks by Christian, Jay, Chloe, Uli (remember her?), and more!
  4. run through
    ‘Project Runway’ Wins Peabody (No, We Don’t Know Why)The Peabody Awards honor excellence in news and entertainment broadcasting. This year’s recipients include Bob Woodruff, ‘30 Rock’, ‘Planet Earth’, and ‘Project Runway.’
  5. run through
    Contestants Turn on ‘Project Runway’Has Project Runway gone stale? Season-four runner-up Jillian Lewis and winner Christian Siriano think so. Lewis tells WWD: “Personally, watching it, they need to change the format or something to refresh the love people have for the show.” … [Lewis] felt the show could last, “maybe another season or two. I love the show, but now it feels it’s easier to predict what’s going to happen.”
  6. new york fugging city
    Fugs on the ‘Project Runway’ Finale: Talented, Qualified Contestants Are … BoringAfter Christian Siriano was crowned the fiercest designer in the land on Project Runway’s fourth-season finale, we felt happy but slightly empty. Not because we didn’t think he deserved the win, but because we hadn’t gotten our dramatic fill. There was no fighting. No abject horror. Not even a whiff of impropriety. What kind of self-respecting reality show fields a finale full of talented, qualified contestants who neither sabotage each other nor do anything to make Heidi Klum want to vomit on her shoes?
  7. new york fugging city
    Setting the Odds on the ‘Project Runway’ WinnerThank God the Project Runway finale is upon us once more! It’s been nearly a year and a half since neck-tattoo enthusiast Jeffrey Sebelia was crowned last season’s winner and, at the very least, we’re jonesing for a new victim to insert into those terrible Saturn ads.
  8. show & tell
    Celebs and Alumni Pick Their Winner at ‘Project Runway’ FinaleEvery year we wonder: Is this when people stop caring about Project Runway? Judging from the clamor in and around the tents this morning (we could hear them shouting, “Rami! Rami!” from a block away), we believe the answer is no.