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Jimmy Kimmel Live

  1. dog’s best friend?
    Rude Shia LaBeouf Tells Dog’s Secret on Television, in Front of EveryoneMan’s “best friend”? Yeah right!
  2. bearing children
    For Parents Like Me, Jimmy Kimmel’s Monologue Feels All Too Familiar“No parent should ever have to decide if they can afford to save their child’s life.”
  3. celebrities having fun
    Abbi and Ilana Tried to Sneak a Peek at Chris Hemsworth NakedJust some celebs having fun on television!
  4. hollywood bernie
    Bernie Goes to Hollywood, Learns the Art of the SelfieMr. Sanders goes to Hollywood, and fans can’t get enough.
  5. The Weird Lure of the Internet Self-Loathing SpiralWhy would you want to know the mean things someone’s said about you online?
  6. pregnant celebrities
    Mila Kunis Has a Message for All Dads to Be: You’re Not PregnantA PSA.
  7. icymi
    Watch: Johnny Depp and Jimmy Kimmel Kiss AgainThey moisturized each other with bubble-gum ChapStick first.