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  1. are u coming?
    Nightlife Fixture Kevin Carpet Does Not Get Off on Getting Stepped OnPlease: no stilettos.
  2. hairy situations
    The 50 Most Memorable Bangs EverFrom Audrey Tautou to Zooey Deschanel.
  3. Joan Jett Advises Cool Teens to Photograph Their Cool Faces MoreAdvice to her 15-year-old self, who was very cool. 
  4. hot shot
    Miley Cyrus and Joan Jett Stir a Mysterious PotA helpful Instagram caption: “da most bad a$$ day w da moooossst bad a$$ of em all #JoanJett.” 
  5. pleather
    What’s That? Oh, Joan Jett Is Selling a Clothing Line at Hot TopicRock ‘n’ mall. 
  6. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: When Fashion Week Feels Like 90210The Red Dress Collection show’s vibe is very “country club charity gala.”
  7. joan freaking jett
    Joan Jett Thinks Miley’s Antics Are ‘Absolutely Valid’ “I admire that sort of bravery,” she tells the Cut.
  8. beauty marks
    Marios Schwab’s Joan Jett Wigs; Tyra Banks’s Tweeted Zit PicsAlso, Lauren Conrad gets a leopard-print manicure.
  9. party lines
    Joan Jett Walked Sean Connery’s Annual Kilt Show, Stomach BaredAlso, she heard “amazing rumors about balls flying.”
  10. new york fugging city
    Betsey Johnson’s Errant Shoe Puts Joan Jett in DangerUsually by this point in Fashion Week, we’re so tired that we start hallucinating celebrities everywhere we look. While this would be divine if we were having visions of Matt Damon, instead there was a split second in which we were convinced we saw Kenneth Branagh wandering around aimlessly in a full-length man mink (strike one), and we thought this one short dude at Carolina Herrera was Lucy Liu (strike two, and we’re sorry about that gender mix-up, Lucy).
  11. new york fugging city
    Delusions of Celebrity Grandeur at Anna Sui She may have just decried all the Fashion Week runway shows as “bullshit,” but that apparently hasn’t stopped Amber Tamblyn from frolicking in this fetid dung heap. She and a friend soldiered through the shallow experience of sitting front row at Anna Sui on Wednesday night, even going so far as to waltz to their seats in what looked like chipper moods. Perhaps when they pre-partied backstage, they upgraded to absinthe from the weak-ass bourbon she reportedly swilled before Max Azria.