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Joan Juliet Buck

  1. book excerpt
    ‘I Was the Queen of French Fashion. Then Came the Guillotine.’Joan Juliet Buck on saying au revoir to all that.
  2. legends
    Remembering Nora Ephron, by the Family and Friends Who Loved HerAt the documentary screening of Everything Is Copy.
  3. tastemakers
    The Fashion Editor Kondo-ing Her TreasuresJoan Juliet Buck has been collecting the best of art and fashion for years.
  4. Joan Juliet Buck Recalls YSL’s Scandal Show“There was this huge brouhaha about it. It was kind of like WikiLeaks.”
  5. damage control
    Former Vogue Writer Joan Juliet Buck Claims Asma al-Assad ‘Duped’ HerA blow-by-blow of her disastrous Vogue profile of Syria’s first lady.
  6. ins and outs
    Joan Juliet Buck Doesn’t Write for Vogue AnymoreBut W, on the other hand …
  7. Vogue Does Damage Control on Asma al-Assad StoryBuck says Asma was “extremely thin and very well-dressed, and therefore qualified to be in Vogue.”
  8. girl crushes
    Joan Juliet Buck Models Jewels in WSJ. MagazineAlong with Clarissa Dalrymple, Gisue Hariri, and Dale Larocca, who wear $60 million worth of gems.
  9. in vogue
    Natalie Portman Defends Her Eating Habits to VogueBut she’s a vegan — it’s not easy for her to just go out and order a fatty lunch.