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  1. tv
    The Most Deranged Moments From the Bold Type Season 3 TrailerThe ladies of Scarlet are back and more ridiculous than ever.
  2. Joanna Coles Confirms She’s Leaving HearstThe longtime editor has been with the company since 2006.
  3. media
    Joanna Coles Is Reportedly Leaving HearstShe is reportedly stepping down as chief content officer.
  4. how i get it done
    How I Get It Done: Joanna Coles, Chief Content Officer at Hearst Magazine“I’m not terribly interested in relaxing. What am I going to do, sit around?”
  5. the bold type
    I Can’t Believe I Love The Bold TypeIt’s the perfect summer soap.
  6. 13 Female Journalists on What They’d Tell Their Younger Selves“It’s the most incredibly unglamorous career you can imagine.”
  7. everyday sexism
    Joanna Coles Was the Lowest-Paid Member of Snapchat’s Board in 2016She made a fraction of what her male counterparts did.
  8. promotions
    Cosmo Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles Is Becoming the Anna Wintour of HearstShe will now be the media company’s chief content officer.
  9. q&a
    Joanna Coles: The Cosmo Show Is Proof People Still Like MagazinesCosmopolitan editor-in-chief Joanna Coles talks about her forthcoming scripted series.
  10. quotables
    Helpful Reminder: Boobs and Brains CoexistJoanna Coles defends Cosmo’s November cover.
  11. new gigs
    Joanna Coles to Rebrand Girl Power at SeventeenShe’s pulling double duty at Hearst now.
  12. the hit list
    19 Glorious Moments From the End of New York Fashion WeekIt went out with a bang.
  13. party chat
    Joanna Coles Can’t Get Through Fashion Week Without Her Russian Military Driver“He still behaves as if he’s in the Russian military, so he’s able to park right outside the show. “
  14. frivolity
    Finally, ‘Serious’ Women Are Standing Up for Fashion MagazinesFor Jill Abramson and Alyssa Mastromonaco, appearing between sex and fashion articles isn’t “demeaning.”
  15. prizes
    Cosmo’s ASME Is a Win for All Women’s MediaWe’re all ladyblogs now — or we should be.
  16. party pics
    Party Pics: Marc Jacobs, Lake Bell, and Adam LevineAnd more from this week’s spring soirees.
  17. the style draft
    Meet Preetma Singh, Who Went From Lawyer to Fashion EditorWSJ.’s market editor on her not-so-ordinary career path.
  18. fauxlitical statements
    Fashion Needs to Stop Co-opting Political -isms As TrendsBecause trends are disposable.
  19. assistants
    Joanna Coles Lets Her 36-Year-Old Assistant BlogLike The Devil Wears Prada, but more respectful. And forever.
  20. party lines
    Party Pics: Dakota Fanning, Alex Wang, the Roitfelds & MoreThe fall season gone famous.
  21. party chat
    The Sex Advice Joanna Coles Gives at Dinner PartiesJon Stewart is messing with your relationship.
  22. Cosmo Editor Joanna Coles Whistles While She WorksShe’s no stealthy office creeper.
  23. mobama
    Is MObama Wearing Aqua-Colored Eyeliner?Joanna Coles seems to think so.
  24. ins and outs
    Cosmo Brings on New Fashion DirectorAnd one thing’s for sure: She’s a fan of fur hats.
  25. flops
    Taylor Swift Just Can’t Sell Magazines, Okay?Albums do not translate into newsstand sales, apparently.
  26. party chats
    Joanna Coles Is Over Internet Porn and Gay Male Sex OraclesAnd her Cosmo won’t offer sex advice from gay men.
  27. fugging it up
    Fug Girls: Miley Mania at Rachel ZoeCosmo staffers rushed to their cover girl’s rescue.
  28. tv recaps
    Project Runway All Stars: In the Service of FashionIn which a service dog in leopard print steals the show.
  29. role models
    Camille Paglia and Naomi Wolf Debate Role Models in CosmoThe Joanna Coles effect?
  30. tv recaps
    Project Runway All Stars: Go Green or Go HomeIn which we’re all cautioned against “nipple focus.”
  31. tv recaps
    Project Runway All Stars Recap: Crows on a CarcassIn which Uli teaches Joanna Coles the true meaning of “ball room.”
  32. ins and outs
    Joanna Coles Lays Off Nine Cosmo StaffersShe’ll announce their replacements “shortly.” 
  33. make it work
    Project Runway All Stars Recap: Every Picture Tells a StoryIn which the designers vie for space in an actual newspaper. Like olden times!
  34. loose threads
    Fashion Folk Get Cartoonified; Peaches Geldof Is PregnantPlus, Daphne Guinness covers Harper’s Bazaar China.
  35. make it work
    Project Runway All Stars Recap: ‘Everyone’s Last Gay Nerve’In which the designers get their graffiti on.
  36. make it work
    Project Runway All Stars Recap: Disco InferNOIn which Joanna Coles explains “the white-man’s overbite.”
  37. make it work
    Project Runway All Stars Recap: ‘I’m Thinking Stegosaurus’In which Joanna Coles zingers aren’t Tim Gunn zingers, but we make do.
  38. lawsuits
    Video: Tory Burch to Defend Her Business Against Chris Burch on TVJoanna Coles has her back.
  39. ins and outs
    Cosmo and Marie Claire Pull the Old SwitcherooHappy Freaky Friday!
  40. loose threads
    Coles Bringing Marie Claire Editors to CosmoPlus, Carven collaborates with Petit Bateau.
  41. encounter
    Sitting In on Joanna Coles’s First Cosmo Staff MeetingSitting in on the first staff meeting called by the new Cosmo Girl from Yorkshire.
  42. quotables
    What’s Joanna Coles’s Sex Position of the Day? She’s prepping for her new Cosmo readers.
  43. ins and outs
    Joanna Coles Replaces Kate White at Cosmopolitan Magazine [Updated]And Anne Fulenwider succeeds Coles.
  44. make it work
    Runway Recap: Five Six Looks in Four DaysYes, Mondo is STILL grouchy. Someone peed in his jumbo-size box of cornflakes back on day one and he’s been too stubborn to stop eating them since.
  45. make it work
    Project Runway All Stars Recap: The Last Cut Is the DeepestOh, the perils of being proud as a peacock (print).
  46. make it work
    Project Runway All Stars Recap: Tripping the Light FantasticThis week, the designers stir up some mischief in their new darkroom.
  47. make it work
    Runway Recap: The Final Six Are FlaggingBut which designer finishes the week out in (flag)pole position?
  48. make it work
    Project Runway All Stars Recap: In Need of Some Divine InterventionThis episode was a Broadway production in and of itself.
  49. make it work
    Project Runway All Stars Recap: Winter Is Coming; Fall Takes a FallThese designers just don’t want to fight, do they?
  50. make it work
    Runway Recap: Out With Old Clothes, In With NewGratuitous abs alert!
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