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Joanna Rohrback

  1. wellness
    25 Famous Women on ExerciseTracy Anderson, Kerry Washington, Betty White, and more on workouts they love (and hate).
  2. fitness fads
    Invite a Friend to Prancercise Today!“When you, your partner, and other creatures move independently you can not only get fit, you can set your spirits free.” 
  3. viral videos
    Prancercise Lady Prances for PistachiosShe “crackercises” in a YouTube ad.
  4. fitness
    Prancercise Made Richard Simmons Weep With Joy“If she was here, I’d do her nails.”
  5. video
    Prancercise Guru Teaches Al Roker to Prance“One day I was hearing a really good tune … and the rest is history.”