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  1. inner city life
    The City Recap: Whitney Works Hard, Olivia Hardly WorksOur recap of the season premiere lies within.
  2. ins and outs
    Condé Nast Stole Elle’s Publisher for Food TitlesShe says food and fashion are basically the same thing.
  3. the fashion blog debate
    Elle’s Joe Zee and Kate Lanphear Have Different Views on Fashion BloggersKate appreciates their “fresh voices,” but Joe sees more value in the opinions of established editors.
  4. party lines
    The Party for Elie Tahari’s Spring Collection Was Basically a Set for The CityWe were even asked to fanny about for the cameras.
  5. show and tell
    Joe Zee and Nina Garcia Disagree on Office ShortsJoe says the ‘Elle’ girls wear them all the time. Nina says she wouldn’t have that.
  6. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Jessica Biel Has a Swooning Fit at Oscar de la RentaWhereas we had a swooning fit over the divine coat she was wearing.
  7. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Reality Stars Love Badgley — or Is It That Badgley Loves Reality Stars?Why was the cast of ‘The City’ there? Or, rather, where was Whitney?
  8. loose threads
    Women Will Buy Less Makeup Next Year; Claire’s Wants Older CustomersAlso, a salesperson at Sur la Table asked Joe Zee if he wanted a rice cooker.
  9. inner city life
    Everyone Fought on the Season Finale of The City, and It Was So GreatNo bitchy comment shall go undocumented in our recap!
  10. daily male
    Joe Zee Is Making Over Boyfriends!Let him do the dirty work for you.
  11. inner city life
    Whitney Is Still a Pushover and Olivia Is Still Mean on The CitySeason two has begun and our recaps are back.
  12. loose threads
    LVMH to Sell DKNY?; Jean-Charles de Castelbajac to Launch Diffusion LineAlso, Brazilian ‘Vogue’ made a pretty bad error this month.
  13. gay fish
    Kanye West Styled a Mysterious Model for October’s ElleWith any luck it was his better half, Amber Rose.
  14. inner city life
    Filming The City Is an Elaborate OrdealThree cameras per office desk.
  15. inner city life
    Olivia Palermo to Get Job at Elle?Who will she torture in the office, if not Whit?
  16. inner city life
    Whitney Port Flees Diane Von Furstenberg for People’s RevolutionThis should make season two much more entertaining than season one!
  17. the new york diet
    A Week in the Highly Caloric Life of Joe ZeeHis food diary reveals that he eats bagels and pasta and takes hip-hop dance classes.
  18. celebrinterns
    Elle’s New Famous-Athlete Intern Works the Luncheon SceneWhy organize the fashion closet and send faxes when you can hobnob with famous people?
  19. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: ‘Stylista’ Wears Its Awfulness WellThe mark of a good reality show is when you’re invested enough to want to slap at least one contestant and hug another, and ‘Stylista’ nailed that in the first ten minutes.
  20. varying shades of bad
    Our Early Thoughts on ‘Stylista’: It’s Not Tyra Banks’s Best WorkWe can’t decide if it’s guilty-pleasure-bad or just bad-bad, so here’s our case for both.
  21. loose threads
    Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni to Attend YSL’s FuneralGiorgio Armani, Valentino, and John Galliano will also attend. Also, Vera Wang has new stores in the works, and Mayor Bloomberg makes a fashion funny.
  22. loose threads
    Kristin Davis on the Magic of the ‘Sex and the City’ ClosetKristin Davis explains the magic of a ‘Sex and the City’ wardrobe fitting, Patricia Field’s style icon is Cleopatra, and what Joe Zee ad-libbed on ‘Ugly Betty.’
  23. run through
    Latest Guest Star on ‘Ugly Betty’: Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan will appear with Naomi Campbell in the season finale and five episodes next season.
  24. run through
    Nina Garcia Explains Why the Fashion Industry Is So FierceNina Garcia spoke to ‘Prestige’ magazine before ‘Elle’ let her go. She says fashion people can be “very jealous, competitive, or mean.” No — really?
  25. loose threads
    Naomi Campbell to Play Softball in ‘Ugly Betty’ Season FinaleNaomi Campbell will play a batter in a softball game on the ‘Ugly Betty’ season finale, the economy is screwing over designer retailers, and mallercise is all the rage.
  26. run through
    PR Interns Tackle the Blogosphere for Nina GarciaToday in the Nina Garcia saga we learn she’s hired Rubenstein PR to handle her situation. And it seems they’ve dispatched their interns to work the blogosphere on her behalf.
  27. run through
    ‘Fashionista’ Reality Show Annoys Actual ‘Elle’ StaffersUnsurprisingly, the real employees at ‘Elle’ are not too pleased with the cameras documenting the clueless contestants who are vying for a job as creative director Joe Zee’s assistant.
  28. run through
    Nina Garcia May Not Exactly Leave ‘Elle,’ But the Girl’s Got OptionsNina Garcia lost her job at ‘Elle’ on Friday. The magazine offered her another position, but it sounds like it would be best for her to make a clean break and take her ego with her.
  29. new york fugging city
    Brooke Shields Inexplicably Brownnoses RihannaWhile digging around in our bags for our precious Proenza Schouler seat-assignment cards, we suddenly looked up and noticed that the space around us — formerly teeming with fashionistas — had cleared suspiciously quickly.
  30. backstage video
    Only the Yacht Club Would Do for Benz