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  1. swellness
    Runner’s High Is Real, It’s Just Not What You ThinkFrom someone who by no means describes themselves as a “runner.”
  2. hot bod
    Wait, How Do I Run in a Mask?Start by slowing way, way down.
  3. meanwhile in canada
    Teen Girl Detained for Two Weeks After Accidentally Crossing U.S.-Canada BorderA 19-year-old was sent to a detention center 100 miles from her family after unknowingly entering the U.S. while on a jog.
  4. bathroom bills
    Seattle Jogger and Assault Survivor Slams Anti-Trans GroupJust Want Privacy tried to co-opt her story to support their anti-trans bathroom stance.
  5. crime
    How a California Jogger Escaped Her Kidnappers Three Weeks After Being AbductedHer husband released a new statement.
  6. crime
    California Jogger Found Safe Three Weeks After DisappearanceSherri Papini was jogging in Northern California when she went missing.
  7. horrible things
    Google Employee Vanessa Marcotte Is the Third Female Jogger Killed in 9 DaysShe’s the third female jogger killed in nine days of unrelated incidents.
  8. great
    Cool News: Jogging Too Much Is Bad for YouScientists propose an “upper limit” to time spent exercising. 
  9. sexercise
    Is Sex a Workout?A study suggests it is “moderate exercise.”