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  1. reproductive rights
    Ohio Governor John Kasich Just Banned Abortions for Down Syndrome Diagnoses“They’re very much pro-birth bills; they have nothing to do with actual life.”
  2. surprising things
    Finally, John Kasich Weighs In on the Taylor Swift-Katy Perry FeudKasich 2020: Don’t Ever Steal Anybody’s Dancers
  3. reproductive wrongs
    It Just Got a Whole Lot Harder to Get an Abortion in OhioThere are no exceptions for rape or incest.
  4. reproductive wrongs
    People Are Protesting an Abortion Bill by Placing Coat Hangers at the StatehouseAnd some are sending wire hangers directly to Governor Kasich.
  5. prom politics
    John Kasich Makes Promposals Officially No Longer CoolGOP candidate John Kasich and puns killed the promposal.
  6. everyday heroes
    John Kasich Eats Like He Just Got Off a CleanseWe are all John Kasich at 4 p.m.
  7. campaign 2016
    John Kasich to Women: Stay at Home So You Don’t Get Raped“Don’t go to parties where there’s a lot of alcohol.”
  8. new york values
    John Kasich Visits New York Landmark H&MKasich goes to the center of New York City fashion.
  9. video
    John Kasich Says He’s Secured the Crucial ‘Women-in-Kitchens’ VoteBut won’t their husbands’ dinners burn?
  10. from the mouths of men
    Wallets Full of WomenLet’s analyze what the GOP candidates said when asked, “Which woman would you put on the $10 bill?”
  11. dirty laundry
    Ohio Governor John Kasich Shouts Out Wife for Doing LaundryAre you outraged?