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John Mayer

  1. the dating game
    Are John Mayer and Katy Perry Planning Their Next Matching Hairstyles?Probably.
  2. break-ups
    This Is Not the Breakup E-mail That John Mayer Sent to Katy PerryBut it could be.
  3. hairy situations
    John Mayer and Katy Perry to Never Wear Twin Hair Buns AgainHold me.
  4. the dating game
    Will Katy Perry Go Back to Baptiste Giabiconi?Oh please, oh please, oh please.
  5. true love
    Katy Perry and John Mayer Drive the Knife Deeper… into Baptiste’s heart.
  6. celebrotica
    Katy Perry’s Imaginary Night of John Mayer PassionOur resident romance novelist rewrites the tabloids.
  7. rumor alert
    Has John Mayer Come Between Katy Perry and Baptiste?HOW COULD THIS BE?
  8. beauty marks
    Taylor Swift Launches Her Second Fragrance Her plan for world domination continues.
  9. beauty marks
    New Bill Proposes National Tanning Limits; John Mayer Hates Celebrity FragrancesAnd counterfeit fragrances contain traces of urine, bacteria, and antifreeze.
  10. quotables
    John Mayer Has Never Heard of American ApparelJohn Mayer: “Basics are incredibly hard to find.”
  11. oscars
    Red-carpet Style, Live From the OscarsAll the looks from the Most Important Red Carpet Ever.
  12. new york fugging city
    The Trouble With Jennifer Aniston’s Boyfriend-PR StrategyIt seems that the star is bent on demonstrating that she’s no spinster, instead of demonstrating that she’s a big star.
  13. loose threads
    ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Renewed!• Wipe that sweat off your brow. Even thought the CW’s ratings are floundering, America’s Next Top Model has been renewed for its eleventh and twelfth cycles because it’s the channel’s most-watched program. Obvi. [WP]
  14. fashion yearbook
    Scruffy Men Surprise and Dresses Look Like Shower Curtains at the GrammysThe Grammys were a snoozer artistically (for more on that, see Vulture) and so, sadly, were the outfits. We thought music award shows were a time for celebs to wear all that stuff they’re not supposed to wear! Is it too much to ask for a nipple pasty here and there?
  15. cult of personality
    You Go, Minka Kelly!We were surprised when we spotted Minka Kelly — who plays Friday Night Lights’ resident Jesus freak, Lyla — sitting front row at the Doo.Ri show yesterday for two reasons.