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  1. politics
    Trump Is Somehow Still Mad About McCain’s Funeral“I didn’t get, ‘Thank you,’ but that’s okay.”
  2. power
    Senator John McCain Doesn’t Want Donald Trump at His FuneralThe senator is apparently thinking about his dying wishes.
  3. politics
    Kamala Harris Cut Off, Told to Be Courteous During Trump Russia HearingSenator Richard Burr cut in while she was questioning Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.
  4. politics
    6 Surprising Champions of Women From the 2016 ElectionTrump’s remarks about women have made him some surprising enemies.
  5. embarrassing dads
    John McCain Stands Up for Dirty JokesHis weird crusade against much-needed campus-sexual-assault policy reforms. 
  6. photobituary
    Margaret Thatcher: A Life in PicturesDancing with Reagan, riding in a tank.
  7. beauty marks
    Vaseline Introduces Skin-Lightening Facebook App; New ‘Vampire Face-lift’ Is Bloody DisturbingAlso, Snooki shares her thoughts on the tanning tax, and plastic surgeons promote “vampire face-lifts.”
  8. hairy situations
    Top Hairdressers Baffled by Rod Blagojevich’s ManeWe are baffled that R-Blags hasn’t gotten the memo that Washington isn’t Hollywood for ugly people anymore.
  9. political style
    When Will Sarah Palin’s Clothes Go to Charity?Probably not until Republican National Committee lawyers examine them.
  10. political style
    Sarah Palin May Have Spent More Than $150,000 on Clothes!She also wore a $500 Elie Tahari suit last night.
  11. ‘tis the season to be broke
    Will You Shop More This Holiday Season If Obama Wins?According to a new survey, yes. Yes, you will.
  12. beauty marks
    Cosmetics Execs Ponder What Kind of Foundation Obama and McCain UseAlso, sales of $150 face creams are up, and Man Junk keeps scrotums clean and odor-free.
  13. bag politics
    Sarah Palin’s New Tote Bag: ‘Real Women Hunt Moose’Michelle Obama, on the other hand, wore Narciso Rodriguez on Tuesday night.
  14. beauty marks
    John McCain Spends Over $5K on MakeupAlso, no one gets Christina Aguilera’s new fragrance ads, and Katie Price/Jordan launches a new scent.
  15. political style
    Sarah Palin Has a Secret Team of StylistsAnd they made her spend $2,500 on a Valentino jacket!
  16. Introducing Electionflops: The Very Confused Flip-flopYou can get flip-flops with Obama or McCain heads all over them. Get it? Flip-flops?
  17. party lines
    Tim Gunn on Scary L.A., ‘Project Runway,’ and John McCainGunn isn’t looking forward to moving to L.A. for ‘Project Runway”s sixth season, on Lifetime. Also, he’d like to see John McCain in some Varvatos.
  18. dress code
    Imagining the Presidential Candidates in High FashionIf Simon Doonan were to dress the presidential candidates, he’d put Hillary in Comme Des Garçons, and Barack in Gaultier. See for yourself.
  19. loose threads
    How Carla Bruni Saved Dior; Daniel Craig Is Best DressedCarla Bruni Sarkozy’s all-Dior wardrobe during her London visit was worth $1 million in advertising for Dior; GQ crowns Daniel Craig its best-dressed man — John McCain never had a chance.