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  1. lawsuits
    Ellen Barkin Recalls Johnny Depp As ‘Jealous’ and ‘Controlling’And more testimony from the Amber Heard v. Johnny Depp case.
  2. power
    Fans Are Spending Thousands to See the Depp v. Heard TrialSome traveled cross-country, camping outside the Virginia courthouse for the chance to be among the trial spectators.
  3. power
    Which Women Do We Choose to Believe?Amber Heard claims an extremely famous man abused her for years. Why do so many people hate her for it?
  4. not cool
    Johnny Depp Stans Are Now Attacking a Court PsychologistHell hath no fury like the fandom of a man accused of domestic violence.
  5. apologies
    Drew Barrymore Is Sorry for ‘Making Light’ of Heard v. DeppThe actress called the trial a “seven-layer dip of insanity” during her talk show.
  6. lawsuits
    What Is Histrionic Personality Disorder?Unpacking the controversial diagnosis that came up in the Johnny Depp–Amber Heard trial this week.
  7. celebrity
    Johnny Depp Finally Axed From Fantastic BeastsBut Warner Bros. will still be paying Depp his entire eight-figure salary.
  8. lawsuits
    Johnny Depp Now Claims Amber Heard ‘Painted on’ Her BruisesIn his ongoing $50 million lawsuit against his former wife, who has accused the actor of abuse.
  9. crime
    Amber Heard Says She Feared Johnny Depp Might Kill HerHeard has detailed more allegations of abuse in a court filing asking a judge to drop her ex-husband’s $50 million defamation suit against her.
  10. money troubles
    Everything Johnny Depp Buys in This Wild Rolling Stone Profile“It’s insulting to say that I spent $30,000 on wine, because it was far more.”
  11. fantastic beasts and where to find them
    Harry Potter Author Defends Casting Johnny Depp Despite Abuse AllegationsDepp was accused of emotional and physical abuse by his ex-wife, Amber Heard.
  12. now smell this
    Benedict Cumberbatch’s Favorite Perfumer Can Find Your Perfect ScentAzzi Glasser once made a perfume meant to smell like a ditch.
  13. lawsuits
    Johnny Depp Reportedly Spent $7,000 on a Kardashian KouchWhat a steal.
  14. johnny depp and amber heard
    Johnny Depp’s Former Business Managers Allege Depp Abused Amber HeardDepp was reportedly “extremely volatile.”
  15. real estate
    Johnny Depp Wants a Private Compound With an Underground Tunnel SystemEl Deppo.
  16. people’s choice awards
    Johnny Depp Finds Redemption at the People’s Choice AwardsAfter domestic-violence allegations, the actor won the Favorite Movie Icon award.
  17. celebrity divorces
    Amber Heard Is Finally Free of Johnny DeppThe divorce is final.
  18. Johnny Depp Wants Amber Heard to Pay $100,000 to Cover His Attorney FeesHe’s reportedly asking that she pay $100,000 out of his $1 million bill.
  19. Johnny Depp Will Finally Pay Amber Heard’s Divorce SettlementSo will TMZ stop disparaging Heard?
  20. Here’s Why Amber Heard Hasn’t Given Her Divorce Settlement to CharityJohnny Depp might be threatening to renegotiate.
  21. celebrity divorces
    Guess Where Johnny Depp Is Right NowJust guess.
  22. living well is the best revenge
    Amber Heard’s Settlement Donation Is GreatHere’s to you, Johnny Depp.
  23. celebrity divorces
    Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Settle Divorce Case, Heard Will Get $7 MillionThe estranged couple released a joint statement admitting their relationship was “volatile.”
  24. celebrity divorces
    So Johnny Depp Seems Kind of DerangedLeaked photos reveal that he painted a mirror with his own blood.
  25. Leaked Video Shows Johnny Depp Breaking Glasses, Yelling at Amber HeardYikes.
  26. celebrity divorces
    What’s Going on With the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Divorce Case?The estranged couple is set to appear in court next week. 
  27. celebrity breakups
    Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Agree to Court DateHeard is set to appear in court in August to answer questions from Depp’s lawyers.
  28. johnny depp’s pr
    Is Amber Heard Really Dating Elon Musk?This story is coming from somewhere.
  29. men’s rights movement
    TMZ Can’t Stop Defending Bad Celebrity MenIs TMZ the official tabloid of the men’s rights movement?
  30. Amber Heard Says Her Divorce Isn’t About MoneyShe’s saying no to temporary spousal support until the restraining order against Johnny Depp is dealt with.
  31. johnny depp and amber heard
    Amber Heard’s Ex-Girlfriend Speaks About AbuseTasya van Ree came to Heard’s defense after news emerged that Heard was arrested for domestic violence in 2009.
  32. johnny depp and amber heard
    Amber Heard’s Friend Defends Abuse Allegations“I saw the bruises. Many times. And the fat lip. And the cut head.”
  33. love and war
    New Texts Allegedly Show a Long History of Abusive Behavior From Johnny Depp“When I told him he kicked you, he cried.”
  34. johnny depp and amber heard
    Will the Johnny Depp Case Change How Tabloids Cover Powerful Celebrities?People’s new cover seems to indicate yes.
  35. New Photo Shows Johnny Depp Amber Heard AbusePeople obtained photos of the actress that document Johnny Depp’s alleged abuse.
  36. the ballad of johnny and amber
    The Juiciest Theories About Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s DivorceCould the split have something to do with … Ben Affleck? 
  37. divorce
    Johnny Depp Speaks Up on His ‘Short Marriage’His rep addresses the marriage’s “dissolution.”
  38. When Will Australia Apologize for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Divorce?The country/continent broke his marriage (in my opinion).
  39. hairy situations
    Johnny Depp Just Won’t Let Himself Be HotUh, look at this new haircut. 
  40. What Accent Does Johnny Depp Have Now?I can’t tell.
  41. Leonardo DiCaprio Suffered at the Hands of Johnny DeppAccording to Johnny Depp.
  42. party pics
    Courtney Love and Lucky Blue Smith Partied This WeekAlong with David Beckham, Martha Stewart, Selena Gomez, and more in this week’s roundup. 
  43. hot shot
    Johnny Depp Meets His Future PastA tiny little Depp.
  44. johnny!
    Watch Johnny Depp Hallucinate a BuffaloIn his first-ever fragrance commercial for Dior. 
  45. crime and punishment
    Amber Heard Charged With Smuggling Dogs Into Australia So far, Johnny Depp has escaped the Australian-customs fiasco unscathed.
  46. new faces of things
    Johnny Depp Will Now Professionally Sell ScentsFor the first time ever, he will be the face of a fragrance. 
  47. crime and punishment
    Johnny Depp Could Face 10 Years in Jail for Dog Smuggling Australia is not fooling around.
  48. animal cruelty
    Australia Is Threatening to Kill Johnny Depp’s Dogs He has until Saturday to deport his two Yorkshire terriers, or else.
  49. married people
    Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Married Each OtherJust as they intended to, by getting engaged and all that. 
  50. hot shot
    It’s Now Acceptable to Sleep Through a Fashion ShowThanks, Costume National and Marina Abramovic!
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