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Johnny Wright

  1. hairy situations
    Michelle Obama’s Hair Has Been Natural for YearsAccording to her hairstylist, it’s been natural the entire time she’s been in the White House.
  2. beauty marks
    Michelle Obama’s Hairstylist Says She ‘Chills’; British Court Sides With Stella McCartneyAnd celebrities tone down their hair when wearing fancy dresses on the red carpet.
  3. in vogue
    Michelle Obama’s Hairstylist Says He Coiffed Her for a Vogue CoverBut ‘Vogue’ won’t confirm the shoot took place. Hmmm.
  4. cult of personality
    Michelle Obama’s Hairstylist Knows His BoundariesJohnny Wright will style Michelle Obama’s hair at the Democratic National Convention, but is America ready for how hot he might make her?