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  1. lorena
    John Bobbitt’s Doctor on the Surgery He’ll Never ForgetUrologist Jim Sehn was tasked with reattaching the famous severed organ.
  2. power
    Lorena Bobbitt Says She Relates to Monica Lewinsky and Tonya Harding“We were vilified by the media, vilified, and that is so sad.”
  3. oscars 2018
    Here’s Exactly How You Should React When Your Friend Wins an OscarKeegan-Michael Key had the best reaction to Jordan Peele’s win.
  4. births
    Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele Successfully Convince Baby to Get Out (of Womb)Congratulations!
  5. 11 People in Interracial Relationships on Watching Get Out“The next time I go to visit her family I’m going to be having nightmares.”
  6. the black body
    What Get Out Gets Right About American Culture and Black BodiesIts literal depiction of racism, appropriation, and the fetishization of black people is its brilliance.
  7. pregnancies
    Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele’s Beyoncé-Inspired Pregnancy Announcement RulesBeyoncé, shmoncé.