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  1. okurrrr
    Cardi B Will Make Her Feature Film Debut in Stripper Saga HustlersSay I gotta dance.
  2. shotgun weddings
    Julie Stiles Reveals She Got Married in a ‘Shotgun’ WeddingShe and now-husband Preston J. Cook are expecting a baby.
  3. Julia Stiles Is Expecting Her First ChildThe actress is having a baby with her fiancé, Preston J. Cooke.
  4. look of the day
    Julia Stiles Peached OutShe attended the Heartless opening night party in New York City yesterday.
  5. there is a god
    Video: Julia Stiles’s New (Fake) Ecofriendly Clothing LineWitness Julia’s “Ten Shirts I Love About You,” the newspaper suit, and “shants.”