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  1. cheesecake dreams
    Let Hillary Eat CakeJust a bite?
  2. dress code
    Kids’ Entire Future Hanging on Coolness of OutfitKids bully each other over clothes, and advertising and marketing is helping to create a generation of little label snobs. Well, obviously!
  3. run through
    Avril Lavigne’s Juniors’ Line Hits the Sale RackIt seems response has been slow to Lavigne’s suspenders tee, lightning-bolt Capris, and leopard tank. Go figure.
  4. first looks
    Kimora Lee Simmons’s Fabulosity Juniors’ Line UnveiledThe clothes are surprisingly age-appropriate.
  5. Heidiwood’s Fall Look Book Has Arrived!Her fall offerings include skinny jeans, midriff-exposing tops, and a conservative frock.
  6. cult of personality
    Video: Avril Lavigne Tries to Get Excited About Her New Clothing LineAvril Lavigne’s new clothing line hits stores this month, but she’s not very convincing in the new video promoting it.
  7. run through
    Richie Rich Does Hot Topic Line All by His LonesomeHot Topic asked both Heatherette designers to do a line, but Traver Rains refused! So Richie is forging on and we’re trying to ignore it.
  8. run through
    LL Cool J’s New Juniors’ Line Is All About the FitLL Cool J says his new ladies’ line for Sears is all about the proper fit. But LL’s previous raps indicate he once had very different ideas about the way clothes fit.
  9. dress code
    Why, Oh, Why Is Beyoncé Making Toddler Clothes?Deréon girls offers high heels for toddlers and attire for newborns and infants as well. We are so not okay with little girls dressing like this.
  10. run through
    Oh, the Horror: Perez Hilton Launches Clothing LineOh, it’s a dark day for fashion, and it gets worse: Just wait till we tell you which store will carry his line that includes blog-themed flip-flops.
  11. loose threads
    Teens Love Rachel Bilson, Victoria’s Secret, and Hot TopicDKNY hopes Rachel Bilson’s line will lure teens back to the juniors’ denim department; meanwhile, Karl Lagerfeld dislikes food and children.
  12. run through
    Bluefly’s B*fly: For the Youngster Who Likes Tom Ford at Half OffMore great news for deep-pocketed young shoppers: Bluefly has just launched online boutique b*fly for its more tender customers.
  13. run through
    Breaking: Kimora Lee Simmons Launches Juniors’ LineThat’s right: Kimora Lee Simmons is bringing the styles of the “glam-party circuit” to the training-bra set.
  14. run through
    Celebrity Designers Proliferate, But Mrs. Beckham Is a Difficult OneBefore we can make a joke about how we hope Such-and-Such Celebrity doesn’t go and design a clothing line, Such-and-Such Celebrity goes and designs a clothing line. (See: Ashlee Simpson.)
  15. run through
    Take That, Wentz! Ashlee Simpson Has a Clothing LinePerhaps Ashlee Simpson turned a little green when her boyfriend, Pete Wentz, signed on to design a clothing line for Nordstrom, because now she’s inked a deal to bring her special, unique sensibility to a line of her own.
  16. run through
    Breaking: Avril Lavigne Launches Tragic Juniors’ BrandWe are seriously worried about the fate of our nation’s tween girls. First Hannah Montana inspires them to get grown-up manicures, and now Avril Lavigne is going to make stuff for them to wear?