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Junk Food

  1. junk food
    Trump, Noted Garbage Enthusiast, Wants Kids to Be Free to Eat More GarbageThe USDA is permitting more fats, refined flour, and sodium on school menus.
  2. Kate Hudson Loves Fake Junk FoodHer cheat-day dream is very different from ours. 
  3. wellness theories
    Carrie Underwood on Grazing From the Fridge“When I’m around people, I eat a lot better because I feel like I have to live up to expectations.”
  4. american idiots
    Americans Just Want to Eat in Peace — So They Hide It We’re a nation who hides our snacks.
  5. nutrition
    You Can Trick Your Brain Into Craving Healthy FoodBut it doesn’t happen overnight.  
  6. artsy fartsy
    An Artist Turned $8,000 Worth of Junk Food Into Terrifying Masks A frosting-covered man with candy nipples will haunt your dreams tonight.
  7. bad habits
    Lady Who Drank Nothing But Soda for 16 Years Not Doing So Well“Since the age of 15, she had not drunk any water.”