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Jury Duty

  1. hot shot
    Here’s Barack Obama Reporting for Jury Duty in ChicagoJust a regular citizen in Chicago.
  2. usa
    Even Former Presidents Get Jury DutyBarack Obama reportedly plans to serve in a Cook County jury.
  3. jury duty
    The Funniest Things Prospective Jurors Said About Martin Shkreli“I’m aware of the defendant and I hate him.”
  4. jury duty
    Taylor Swift Won’t Be a Juror in Tennessee Rape CaseShe told the judge she could not be impartial.
  5. jury duty
    Apparently Taylor Swift Got Picked for Jury DutyGuess we know why she missed the VMAs.
  6. jury duty
    Lawyers Say Pedicures Kept All-Female Trayvon Martin Jury ImpartialThere’s not much else to do when you’re sequestered.
  7. party chat
    Zac Posen Learned All About Orchids on Jury Duty“I loved it!”