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  1. questionable trends
    Even Melania Trump Can’t Resist the Siren Song of Ugly PantsBut she styled them all wrong.
  2. pants!
    11 Pairs of Unflattering Pants That Will Make You Look Ugly-CoolIn all their high-waisted glory.
  3. hybrids
    To Discuss: Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior Skirt-PantsLeelee Sobieski wore them, too!
  4. tough life
    Fear of Pants? Wardrobe Phobias, ExploredPencil skirts, jeans, shorts: the clothes we refuse to wear.
  5. ins and outs
    Lululemon CEO Exits, Sheer Pants Link UnclearChristine Day is stepping down after five-and-a-half years with the company.
  6. friends in high places
    Tracy Anderson Makes Groin-Displaying Leggings NowWith Gwyneth Paltrow’s blessing, of course.
  7. sheer pants
    Lululemon’s Sheer Pants Not Available for Purchase, at AllThey’re not really a big deal, either.
  8. quotables
    Anna Wintour Doesn’t Mind If You Wear JeansIt didn’t work against staffer Chioma Nnadi.
  9. #overthetop
    Vogue Italia on the Finer Points of ‘Rapper Style’“Pants should never be tight-fitting.”
  10. just pants
    Proenza Schouler’s Jeans Will Be ‘Kind of Dorky’“Super anonymous.”
  11. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Wears Gap JeansIf he can’t talk about his finances in a way that makes him seem down-to-earth, maybe he can show you with his clothes.
  12. disco books
    First Look: Terry Richardson’s Lady Gaga Photo BookWith lots of fake blood, monster claws, and Gaga wearing underwear.
  13. disco covers
    A Very Gaga Thanksgiving? Christmas? Try New Year.She’s on the cover of the new Vanity Fair and British Elle.
  14. quotables
    Daphne Guinness Does, in Fact, Own Blue JeansBut she regrets buying them.
  15. just pants
    Bryanboy Posted a Picture of Himself Without Pants OnHe was going for Louis Vuitton’s “night porter” look, of course.
  16. just pants
    Bonobos Is Expanding Into Sexy Man-JeansThis is excellent news for dudes, as well as for the women (and men) who look at them.
  17. just pants
    Proenza Schouler Will Launch a Denim Line by JanuaryThanks to their new deal with Andrew Rosen.
  18. just pants
    Lil Wayne’s VMA Pants Were Actually Women’s JeggingsThat would explain how they managed to sag just so without falling completely off.
  19. just pants
    NOW Gaga’s a Crazy PantsShe’s finally wearing them, at least.
  20. just pants
    Study: Half of Women Are More Excited to Buy Jeans on Sale Than to Have SexThe results of a riveting new ‘People StyleWatch’ study.
  21. just pants
    Anna Wintour Has Her Boot-Cut JeansDo you have yours?
  22. just pants
    Levi’s Debuts the ‘Ex-Girlfriend Jean’ for Men“Remember the girlfriend with the great style? Here’s a tribute to her.”
  23. just pants
    Emmanuelle Alt Doesn’t Like ‘Designed’ Jeans“Jeans should be jeans,” she says.
  24. just pants
    The Times Noticed That Organic Jeans Are DisappearingUnsurprisingly, people care more about whether their butts look good in jeans than whether pesticides were used to make them.
  25. disco shopping
    Lady Gaga Did More Shopping Without Pants On Yesterday, This Time at BergdorfShe wore sheer crystal-studded pantyhose and bought a boatload of Hermès and Chanel stuff.
  26. just pants
    Here Is a Rap Video About JeggingsFake pockets never get old, do they?
  27. disco shopping
    Lady Gaga Bought Stuff at a Preppy Clothing Store in Paris TodayPossibly pants, which she obviously wasn’t wearing.
  28. look of the day
    Lady Gaga Goes MedievalShe was just going out to eat — what else would she wear?
  29. just pants
    Sexy Man-Pants Company Bonobos Raised $18.5 MillionMen on Wall Street will invest in something that makes their butts look good.
  30. putting a fork in 2010
    Who, Aside From Time, Thinks Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress Was the No. 1 Fashion Statement of the Year?We don’t.
  31. save gaga
    Lady Gaga Now Exploring the World of Chastity BeltsWhat else is she to wear when she goes shopping?
  32. just pants
    Video: Conan Follows Through on Threat to Host His Show in MeggingsTim Gunn might be leaning over a bucket somewhere.
  33. just pants
    Video: Conan O’Brien Gives Tim Gunn Too Much Information About His Jeggings ObsessionApparently Conan is “obsessed” with them.
  34. disco vogue
    Lady Gaga to Appear on the March Cover of Vogue?A rumor is going around that this is going to happen!
  35. just pants
    Women in a Small Italian Town Could Be Fined for Dressing SluttySkirts that show panties are now illegal.
  36. just pants
    Denim Ads Are Too ‘Crude’ for The Wall Street JournalParents are worried that their kids might get funny ideas about their “tushies.”
  37. look of the day
    Florence Welch Went Pantsless at ChanelBrrr, lady.
  38. disco quotables
    Lady Gaga Likes Her Stylist More Than Her ClothesHer stylist is “Epic Lifestyle, Freakdom, Gorgeous or Die,” she says.
  39. just pants
    So Long, Harem Pants!Finally, New York designers seem to be giving up on the style.
  40. just pants
    The Times Gets Spooked by West Village ‘Clichés’Boot-cut man-jeans mean that it’s time to go.
  41. disco homeless statue of liberty
    Lady Gaga and Marc Jacobs Are on the Cover of V’s ‘New York’ IssueAnd it’s VERY New York.
  42. disco favorites
    Lady Gaga’s Stylist Picks His Favorite Looks From the Past YearAnd we’re remembering them in rhyming verse.
  43. just pants
    Exclusive Video: Georgia May Jagger Goes Commando for Hudson JeansWhy wear panties when you can wear Hudson jeans?
  44. disco alter egos
    Lady Gaga Seems to Be Taking Her Jo Calderone Alter Ego Pretty SeriouslyShe did an interview with the new Japanese ‘Men’s Vogue’ AS Jo, the Sicilian car mechanic.
  45. just pants
    Small Icelandic Fashion Label Accuses Beyoncé of Ripping Off Leggings DesignStudded leggings with a gathered waist, to be exact.
  46. look of the day
    Maggie Gyllenhaal Is Bringing Flares BackSOMEONE was paying attention to the fall runways.
  47. just pants
    Goldman Sachs Has Decided Jeggings Will Be a Big Back-to-School Fashion ItemIf anyone would know, it would be them.
  48. new things
    Your Pants Think Know You’re FatBetabrand’s Gluttony Pants come with adjustable pig-themed buttonholes.
  49. just pants
    Gap Does Not Endorse PantslessnessOr shorts, apparently.
  50. disco straitjacket
    Lady Gaga Wore a Straitjacket to the Houston AirportWell, a coat that looked like a straitjacket. Same diff.
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