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  1. power
    Melissa Lucio Has Been Granted a Stay of ExecutionA Texas court will review new information Lucio’s lawyers say proves she didn’t kill her daughter.
  2. black lives matter
    The Internet’s Memory of Breonna TaylorHer image has been revered, warped, and put back together.
  3. criminal justice system
    3 Women on What It Was Like to Testify at Their Sexual-Assault Hearings“If a friend were raped and asked me whether she should testify, I’d tell her: Don’t do it.”
  4. justice
    Harvey Weinstein Indicted on Rape, Criminal Sex Act ChargesThe announcement comes just hours after Weinstein said he wouldn’t testify before a grand jury.
  5. justice
    When Walking While Trans Is a CrimeThe NYPD says it’s taking a more sensitive approach to sex work, but not everyone benefits.
  6. justice
    Here’s How One of Roy Moore’s Accusers Reacts to His DefeatBeverly Young Nelson, who alleges Moore sexually assaulted her when she was 16, was the first to react to his loss.
  7. justice
    A Woman Is Suing Her Parents for Posting Embarrassing Childhood Photos Online“They knew no shame and no limit.”
  8. A Florida Judge Will Be Reprimanded After She Jailed a Victim of Domestic AbuseJudge Jerri Collins jailed the victim of domestic abuse for not showing up in court.
  9. justice
    Judge in Stanford Sexual-Assault Case Removed From New Sex-Crimes CaseCalifornia prosecutors got the judge removed from another sexual-assault case.
  10. silicon valley sexisim
    The Real Lesson of the Ellen Pao VerdictThe rules we’ve got can’t solve the problem of sexism.
  11. Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Pregnant WorkersIt’s a partial victory, but an important step.  
  12. Watch Eyewitnesses Accuse 5 Innocent Men of a CrimeThe ineptitude of eyewitness testimony in action.  
  13. ferguson
    Read a Powerful Letter About Michael Brown and FergusonFive-hundred-plus sociologists agree that some changes are in order.
  14. justice
    Women Whose Gyno Secretly Taped Them Get $190M Johns Hopkins will pay a huge settlement to 8,000 patients.
  15. justice
    Australian Judge Defends Worker’s Right to Business-Trip SexGetting laid is an ordinary incident of an overnight stay.
  16. justice
    LVMH Targets Danity Kane in Trademark SuitIf we were LVMH, we wouldn’t want our Louis Vuitton monogram mixing in with their pleather and plastic jewelry, either.