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  1. first look
    Ilana Glazer’s New Movie Is a Thriller About Fertility TreatmentA first look at Hulu’s False Positive.
  2. good dogs
    Justin Theroux Documents Burial of His Beloved DogThe actor shared pictures of his dog’s lifeless body on Instagram.
  3. fanboys
    Justin Theroux Explains His Instagram Lovefest With RBG“I’m the dark horse in this race.”
  4. culture
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg Faces Hardest Decision YetHunk vs. Hunk.
  5. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: The Bagel Retrieval Scene on The LeftoversJustin Theroux’s Kevin Garvey desperately tries to get a grip on his sanity — and his carbs — in a world of unknowns.
  6. tko
    Jennifer Aniston Fantasizes About Punching ‘Someone’ While BoxingWho could it be?
  7. modern friendship
    Justin Theroux Made the Queer Eye Cast Draw VaginasThey’ve all been hanging out after Theroux slid into their DMs.
  8. you know what i heard
    Why Did Sofia Richie, 19, Take Scott Disick, 35, Back?And more in this week’s celebrity gossip column.
  9. you know what i heard
    Are Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Back Together?And more in this week’s celebrity gossip column.
  10. you know what i heard
    Met Gala Gossip: Emma Stone and Justin Theroux Left the After-Party TogetherAnd more in this week’s celebrity gossip column.
  11. exes
    Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Dodged Each Other at Child’s Birthday PartyCelebrity exes — they’re just like us!
  12. hot shot
    Here’s Justin Theroux Hanging Out With a 25-Year-Old ModelEdgy or no?
  13. how to be cool
    7 Photos of Justin Theroux Living His Edgiest LifeNever leave home without your bike and a Supreme hat.
  14. hot shot
    Well, Well, Well, Justin Theroux Is Hanging Out With Aubrey PlazaThey were caught taking a Sunday stroll.
  15. doing his thing
    What Has Justin Theroux Been Doing Since His Split With Jennifer Aniston?Oh, just “his thing”!
  16. the justjen breakup
    How Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Are Coping With Their SplitShe’s reportedly going to a lot of dinner parties.
  17. fitness
    Walking 6-Pack Justin Theroux Finally Getting Into ShapeHe has reportedly been working on his revenge bod.
  18. you know what i heard
    The Juiciest Gossip From the Oscars After-PartiesAnd more in this week’s celebrity gossip column.
  19. zen
    Handsome, Wealthy Justin Theroux Says He Doesn’t Care What People Think of HimMust be freeing!
  20. celebrity breakups
    Justin Theroux Is Making It Through This Difficult Time by Instagramming PuppiesAnd giving a shout out to Selena Gomez.
  21. you know what i heard
    Why Did Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Break Up?And more pressing questions in this week’s celebrity gossip column.
  22. the justjen breakup
    Everything We Know About Jennifer Aniston’s Divorce: She’s FineIt’s really okay.
  23. celebrity breakups
    Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Split After Two Years of MarriageThey’ve reportedly been spending more time apart.
  24. tv
    Watch Justin Theroux Play an Astronaut Who Can’t Get It UpHe’s got a guest spot on At Home with Amy Sedaris.
  25. good mental images
    IMPORTANT: Justin Theroux Took Pictures of a BabyLet this mental image keep your warm at night.
  26. female gaze
    This Year at the Emmys, We Were All LosersThe shutout of The Leftovers means we were denied the promised peek under Justin Theroux’s gray sweatpants.
  27. niche drama
    This Week in Drama: Kendall Tipping Scandal, Justin Theroux vs. Neighbor, & More We recap the pettiest squabbles, juiciest feuds, and other niche drama you didn’t know you were living for every week.
  28. Justin Theroux Enjoys a Good ManscapingAccording to wife Jennifer Aniston.
  29. niche drama
    Justin Theroux Reportedly ‘Terrorized’ His Greenwich Village NeighborWith angry outbursts and barking dogs.
  30. gratuitous male objectification
    17 Good Things for a Man to Wear, As Demonstrated by Justin TherouxThe Leftovers may be ending, but our love for Justin will live on.
  31. piñata crimes
    Justin Theroux Bought a Piñata for Jennifer Aniston But There Was No Candy in ItHigh crimes in the piñata department.
  32. brangelina divorce
    Justin Theroux Calls Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Divorce ‘Terrible News’The actor has answered the first of many questions about his wife’s ex-husband’s divorce.
  33. love in the time of blogging
    Area Man Dutifully Shares Wife’s Blog PostAs it should be.
  34. hot shot
    Justin Theroux Now Indistinguishable From Your Weed-Delivery GuyRide like the wind, Justin.
  35. street style
    Jennifer Aniston Shows Off Sliver of Cheekbone on New York City StrollShe looks warm.
  36. Justin Theroux Accused of Wearing Eyeliner“Page Six” claims he’s “a little high-maintenance.”
  37. water water everywhere nor any drop to drink
    This Comment on Justin Theroux’s Instagram Deserves to Go in the LouvreHe used all his words.
  38. sexy selfies
    Justin Theroux Has a Surprise for YouIt’s exactly what you didn’t know you’ve been missing all along.
  39. you’re beautiful
    You Won’t Believe What Justin Theroux Tells JenGet a load of this guy.
  40. Everything We Know About the Aniston WeddingNothing like a Wednesday wedding.
  41. weddings!
    Jennifer Aniston Disguised Lavish Wedding As Lavish Birthday PartyShe fooled us!
  42. party pics
    Amy Adams and Cara Delevingne Partied TogetherJennifer Lopez, the Broad City women, and more highlights from this week’s parties. 
  43. couples stuff
    Jennifer Aniston and BF Use Face Masks Together“Babe, we gotta do our masks.” 
  44. party pics
    Gwyneth Paltrow Partied in a Crop Top With Tracy Anderson Plus, pictures of Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan, multiple Jenners, and more at this week’s parties.
  45. red carpet
    Tilda Swinton Had the Best Hair at the Governors Awards And more red-carpet highlights from the start of awards season.
  46. party pics
    Inside Alexander Wang for H&M’s Jock JamThe sport-inspired collection was showcased on a supermodel cast.
  47. the hit list
    19 Glorious Moments From the End of New York Fashion WeekIt went out with a bang.
  48. new york fugging city
    The Fug Girls: A Glowing, Pregnant Zoe Saldana at Hugo BossPlus an appearance from a very dapper-looking Justin Theroux.
  49. dong watch
    Justin Theroux Acknowledges His Enormous PenisThank you for addressing this important phenomenon.
  50. eyeballs
    Jennifer Aniston Loves Her Boyfriend’s EyeballsLiv Tyler was distracted by southern parts. 
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