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    Justin Trudeau Wore Brownface Makeup to a Private-School Party in 2001A yearbook photo shows the Canadian PM in brownface at an ‘Arabian Nights’ party. And a new video shows him wearing blackface in a separate incident.
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    Justin Trudeau Responds to Allegations of Groping a Reporter“I had a good day that day. I don’t remember any negative interactions that day at all.”
  3. great moments in diplomacy
    Trump Seems to Think That Canada Once Burned Down the White HouseHe reportedly brought up the War of 1812 in a phone call with Justin Trudeau.
  4. confessions
    Donald Trump Admits Justin Trudeau Is ‘Good-looking’Oh, and that he lied to the Canadian prime minister.
  5. oh canada
    Justin Trudeau Is Sorry He’s So Bad at JokesHe apologized for his “dumb joke” about “peoplekind.”
  6. male feminism
    Justin Trudeau Interrupts Woman Who Said ‘Mankind’ to Tell Her It’s ‘Peoplekind’He prefers a “more inclusive term.”
  7. This Politician’s Halloween Costume Is Barely a CostumeWhere is the lie?
  8. Here’s Who Inspired Justin Trudeau to Call Himself a FeministIt’s not whom you’d think.
  9. first pets club
    Meet the World’s Most Powerful PetsFrom France’s new First Dog, Nemo, to Finland’s Lennu, who is “not fully media trained.”
  10. Someone Made a Butter Sculpture of Justin Trudeau Snuggling PandasPaging Paula Dean.
  11. o canada
    Did Justin Trudeau Fall Out of This Kayak on Purpose?A highly suspicious photo opportunity.
  12. politics
    Here’s Where Melania Trump Is Going for Her First Solo Trip Abroad As First LadyEight months into her tenure as First Lady, Melania is jet-setting on her own.
  13. Irish Prime Minister Wants Us to Check Out His Socks During Justin Trudeau VisitJustin Trudeau’s sock diplomacy is spreading.
  14. pride
    These World Leaders Are the New Gay IconsIn the absence of American leadership, others have assumed the spotlight.
  15. 6 Upcoming Justin Trudeau PR StuntsHe’s done shirtless hiking, photobombed prom pictures, and kayaked right up to people. Here’s what could be next.
  16. photo ops
    The Pope Looked Just As Grumpy Next to Justin TrudeauWhy the long face, pontiff?
  17. Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron Took a Romantic Stroll in SicilyAh, romance.
  18. hot shot
    Can You Spot Justin Trudeau in This Prom Picture?The Canadian prime minister photobombs some local teens.
  19. hotshot
    Justin Trudeau’s Inner Nerd Is ShowingNot that it was really concealed in the first place.
  20. hot shot
    This Hot Firefighter Looks FamiliarJustin Trudeau met with firefighters.
  21. the theater
    Ivanka Trump and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Are Spotted at Come From AwayThey reportedly arrived in the same motorcade, but in separate vehicles.
  22. great moments in man jewelry
    Justin Trudeau Was Extremely Into Man Jewelry When He Was YoungPhotos of the Canadian PM when he was young uncover that he owned several different styles of necklaces.
  23. state of the butt
    People Everywhere Agree That Justin Trudeau Has a Good ButtAn image of the Canadian prime minister’s butt has gone viral.
  24. Angela Merkel Is Also Powerless Against Justin Trudeau’s GazeThe German chancellor is the latest world leader to fall under the Canadian prime minister’s spell.
  25. hot shot
    Is This a Photo of Justin Trudeau and Ivanka Trump or a Still From a Soap Opera?“As the World Burns.”
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    Justin Trudeau Is Now Part of Ivanka’s Plan to Address Women’s IssuesHe met with the president and First Daughter at the White House.
  27. trudeaun’t go breaking my heart
    19 Photos of Justin Trudeau to Celebrate Canadian ThanksgivingBecause he’s more than just a great head of hair.
  28. o canada
    Looks Like Kate Middleton Sure Is Enjoying the View in CanadaIt’s a beautiful country!
  29. woke olympics
    Emma Watson and Justin Trudeau Hold International Wokeness SummitRude of them to not invite the American delegate, Matt McGorry.
  30. snubs
    Prince George Has No Time for Justin Trudeau’s High FivesNo time at all!
  31. rihanna navy
    Rihanna Would Like You to Call Justin TrudeauRihanna urged her fans to call Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as part of the Global Citizen campaign.
  32. marry me?
    Justin Trudeau Might As Well Be a Feminist Meme at This PointThe Canadian prime minister promised to do more to help women around the globe.
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    In Historic National Moment, Justin Trudeau Wears Canadian TuxedoAnd now, here’s the prime minister in denim-on-denim.
  34. trudeaun’t go breaking my heart
    Why Don’t I Ever Run Into Shirtless Justin Trudeau While Hiking?Ah, the great outdoors.
  35. Justin Trudeau Spent the Pride Parade in a State of Childlike GleeIf only we could all be so happy, so good-looking, and so Canadian.
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    Finally, Some Official Justin Trudeau FanfictionJustin Trudeau is getting his very own comic book.
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    Justin Trudeau Is Big in JapanThey call him the “hunky prime minister.”
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    Justin Trudeau Took a Romantic Day OffCanada’s prime minister is all about a work-life balance.
  39. Justin Trudeau Demonstrates How to Be a Non-Smarmy Male FeministThe Canadian Prime Minister knows how it’s done.
  40. o’ canada
    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Casually Mic Drops Mid-Push-UpHe took to Twitter to call out the U.S. and the U.K. ahead of the Invictus Games.
  41. trudeaun’t go breaking my heart
    Justin Trudeau and Prince Harry Join Forces for Second Historic Hotness SummitGod bless Canada.
  42. political pose
    Justin Trudeau Continues Quest to Be Known As the World’s Most Enlightened ManBless him and his Zen soul.
  43. trudeaun’t go breaking my heart
    Justin Trudeau Gets More Appealing With Every Word“I talk about the fact that I’m a feminist as often as I can.”
  44. oh canada!
    Look, It’s the Justin Trudeau Sweater of Your Erotic DreamsGet outta my dreams and onto my sweatshirt.
  45. men getting dressed
    Say Bonjour to This Justin Trudeau Paper DollInteractive clothing recommendations for Canada’s new prime minister.
  46. oh canada!
    Justin Trudeau, Who is Also Hot, Made His Cabinet Fifty Percent WomenWhy? Because it’s 2015, man.
  47. hottie-tics
    Canada’s Foxy New Prime Minister Is More Than Just Great HairHe’s a man. A man!