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Kamila Valieva

  1. figure skating
    Olympic Figure Skaters Will Now Need to Be 17 to CompeteFollowing Kamila Valieva’s doping scandal, the International Skating Union is raising the age requirement.
  2. power
    Have the Abuses of Women’s Figure Skating Been Hiding in Plain Sight?Russian coach Eteri Tutberidze revolutionized the sport. But in the wake of a doping scandal, many are questioning her methods.
  3. 2022 winter olympics
    No One Was Happy at the Women’s Figure-Skating FinalsExcept Japanese bronze medalist Kaori Sakamoto.
  4. 2022 winter olympics
    A Russian Skater Won Olympic GoldBut not the one whom everyone expected.
  5. 2022 winter olympics
    Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski Said It All With Their SilenceThe two gave little commentary during Kamila Valieva’s performance after her positive drug test.
  6. olympics 2022
    Sha’Carri Richardson Weighs In on the Olympic Doping Scandal“The only difference I see is I’m a black young lady,” she said in reference to her own suspension for cannabis.
  7. 2022 winter olympics
    The Future of Women’s Figure Skating Is ShakyThe aftermath of would-be gold medalist Kamila Valieva’s failed drug test remains up in the air.